Caterpillar internal rework on the way?

Richard Bong

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Jul 29, 2017
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If the roadmap is accurate, the Retaliator has had a "gold standard pass" during q1 and q2 last year, with the room swapping (modules changing) being worked on at the same time.

I'm guessing these will be implemented after Q1 next year, however, as there is an entry for the Aegis Retaliator Base being made "game ready" in q1 2023: I may need to arrange some CCU's for it before then, because it seems the implementation of room swapping would be a good excuse for a price jump - $125 for bomb bays seems a bit too high a price difference between having them or buying them in-game, and if it has some other modules fitted as default in the "base", their "cost" will likely be added to the ship price.
They had further work on the Retaliator Gold Standard pass on the schedule after that was finished. It was then pulled off the tracker. It is not done and no changes have been made to the in game asset. The tracker is not accurate.

Compared to the price of everything else, $125 seems much lower than expected.


Mar 25, 2022
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Yeah, they're moving out of Chicago to Texas. Had enough of the daily murdering up there and. . .

What. . .?

Oh. Nevermind.
'Least here, you can murder 'em right back!! Sometimes, you can even beat 'em out the gate, and pre-murder their murder, and your region's Ranger will nod his hat at you with a knowing look in his eye, then you can go get a Whataburger with cheese and jalapenos and Dr. Pepper shake. GBT!
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