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Ive been playing like 1 year now. just updated my pc so im ready to play with some peeps with a proper rig
I'm having trouble getting duel 16000 to work. I'm using a shadow pc and starcitizen works fine. I tried using the T.A.R.G.E.T software but it won't acknowledge that the devices are connected. I've watched you series if videos and tried the joy to key method but stall when my computer would not allow me to download from your dropbox. I've searched for solutions but to no avail.
I'm not particulery tech savy can you help?
I also struggled with target - try Joystick gremlin - been a few days no problems.
Where are all the Pirates?
Han Burgundy
Han Burgundy
Johnny Depp hired them all to hang around in his back yard so he could feel whole again.
(I hear ambushing folks mining in caves can be profitable. Demand 20k to go away)
I may have to check some caves out! Send them back to Davy Jone's locker... Not going to lie, not even seen a cave yet
I did it, melted some ships and decided to get the Endeavor to sit on. Still have my M2 and a Aurora.
Prepare for the best feature in 3.12:

"The space brake can be assigned to an axis in 3.12."
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