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  1. Ryonin Shonin

    [WTB] Polaris T-shirt XL

    I was working in a remote location both times the shirts went on sale 3 years ago. If anyone has a shirt, even a size bigger or smaller, you would make my year. I can pay over cost to make it worth your while. Thanks
  2. Ryonin Shonin

    Subscribers Flair Exchange

    I would like to exchange some of my flair, for other flair that I don't have. Here is my list. I have one of each to trade. Please anyone else wanting to exchange feel free to use this thread to share what you want to trade aswell. TAKUETSU MUSTANG GAMMA MODEL CONNER’S BEARD MOSS TAKUETSU...
  3. Ryonin Shonin

    Other Aerobatic Squadron?

    I had an interesting idea. Maybe it would be fun too perform group Aerobatics. Flying in unison and performing difficult maneuvers would be awesome. Performing like the Blue Angels would be fun and challenging. All the skills learned by practicing and performing would aid in our own combat...
  4. Ryonin Shonin

    Hi Test

    Hello Test I joined months back but realized I never made a forum introduction Where you from stranger? Fairbanks Alaska , yes it's cold... What drew you to Star Citizen? I have played eve online way too long waiting for it to be the game star citizen has become. This game has some of the most...
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