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  1. Cherokeedog

    Drake Kraken Privateer

    That's a...beautiful level of nostalgia.
  2. Cherokeedog

    Vanguard Owners

    The shape was not the problem. The hover system basically glued it to the ceiling. Or maybe my head was too big and punched a hole...hehe. Right now the hover system tends to act up a bit. If they refine its physics, it may be possible to take it in and out with ease. Also, I did that in a...
  3. Cherokeedog

    Whelp, 4 years in TEST. How have we managed?

    Brought back my ass around here after more than 2 years, only to find out you're still the same batshit crazy blind bag of feathers. Love that about you. Cheers!
  4. Cherokeedog

    Drake Kraken Privateer

    In any of its shapes, the Kraken is plain and simple a space station on the move. The only thing that puzzles me is how a blind owl was able to see this so clearly...
  5. Cherokeedog

    For all you cargo haulers or wanna be cargo haulers

    I don't get the Hull series. All that cargo out in the open makes me nervous. They're like huge space pinatas.
  6. Cherokeedog

    Flu season 2019 is awesome!

    Forget pills and shots and whatnot. Vodka! In large quantities! It'll either heal you or make you pass out until it's gone. Either way, you'll suffer less.
  7. Cherokeedog

    Help me spend my money wisely!

    Well, seein' that the sale is over, I'm definitely late for this party, but just a few pointers I use to shape my own fleet: - Stay away from anything cheap that you'll be able to buy in-game after an hour or a day of playin'. That includes all bikes and small ships. - Stay away from...
  8. Cherokeedog

    For all you cargo haulers or wanna be cargo haulers

    Just like Vavrik described, I also do runs with multiple hops only to take a stroll through the system and have a reason to do it. I basically open up a trading sheet I found online, see who sells what and who buys what and set my next destination. I do that with small cargo ships, usually a...
  9. Cherokeedog

    Vanguard Owners

    Concerning the bike, it will definitely fit. I managed to put a Nox inside and it's about the same size. Couldn't take it out though, as turning on the hover system got it stuck, but the Ranger won't have that problem. Can't say anything about its stability inside without a cargo grid though...
  10. Cherokeedog

    Verrrrry Interesting.

    One thing I want to know about them prisons: will they have showers?
  11. Cherokeedog

    Anyone else find these cards interesting in 3.9?

    As far as I'm concerned, that's just something that'll give me more headaches, but if it means I can skip on payin' my parking tickets, I'll take it.
  12. Cherokeedog

    Does Anybody Have Carrack Pics

    Some of those pics may have come from here: View:
  13. Cherokeedog

    Combat Flight Training (CFT) 7th Dec 2019 20:00 UTC

    Will do! Thanks.
  14. Cherokeedog

    Combat Flight Training (CFT) 7th Dec 2019 20:00 UTC

    Well, if you something of that sort again, I'll appreciate a howl. If I'm on during the week, it's usually about the same hour we had the CFT last night. Watched some videos. Practice is what's killin' me. Literally. But I ain't worried. Next time we do this, I'll stick my hand out the window...
  15. Cherokeedog

    Combat Flight Training (CFT) 7th Dec 2019 20:00 UTC

    Did a pretty good job at gettin' wrecked last night. Promise not to make a habit out of it. Not sure how happy Serenity was about my performance, but at least he was...serene...hehe. You guys doin' any combat training sessions? As in one on one maneuvers and stuff.
  16. Cherokeedog

    D.S.E.T. - Deep Space Exploration Testies

    Willing and well trained to get lost in deep space. Quite good at handling an engineering station on any ship. Just tell me where you want me to put it.
  17. Cherokeedog

    Cutlass Red or Apollo Triage?

    Only if your ass is soaked in whiskey. From what I gather, grade A bed is supposed to to bring anyone and their grandmother back from the dead or something. Not clear how it would actually function, but I guess you basically can't die on one. The info I got is from the Apollo Q&A. Throw an eye...
  18. Cherokeedog

    Piracy Piracy Division/Squadron Organization Brainstorm

    Indeed, land claims seem to only make sense in UEE space. As for the whole playground idea, I'd say if you give people a reason to come or stop by the place, by providing handy services in an area without infrastructure, everything else will start to happen (races and other stuff). I'd say you...
  19. Cherokeedog

    Cutlass Red or Apollo Triage?

    Simple decision: as far as I know, as opposed to the Cutlass, Apollo can have a grade A bed and can be set as a respawn point for corpses. Much better for parties where people tend to crash a lot. So Apollo.
  20. Cherokeedog

    Combat Flight Training (CFT) 7th Dec 2019 20:00 UTC

    Been away for quite some time. Rusty, but I'd say I can still crash in style. Lookin' forward to see ya'all on Saturday...provided my game doesn't act up again.
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