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  1. Agent_Mothman

    THank you everyone for the advice. All credit sold except an Advaned Hunter package.

    I'm done with CIG being radio silent, and I hate survival games, and with the newly required eating mechanics, I want out. I want to sell my stuff, but I'm pretty sure everything I own may not be giftable. I need advice on what to do. Thank you. Everyting is gone except for an Advanced Hunter...
  2. Agent_Mothman

    Need help with an AMD build.

    I have not been technically competent enough to know what is good or bad when choosing new parts for a PC build for several years now. It has been 10 years since I built a PC, and it's time to upgrade. I would like an AMD build this time, as I understand I can get more bang for my buck. I...
  3. Agent_Mothman

    Anthem alpha next weekend, anyone else going to be playing?

    I'm planning on playing the alpha next Saturday, anyone else going to be playing next weekend?
  4. Agent_Mothman

    Not new, but I have a new name in SC

    Hey everybody! I decided to stop being ashamed of being an old fart, and embrace the freedom being an old grump allows. My name in Star Citizen id CubCadet1972, and I need guidance as to what I need to do to make sure my membership in TEST isn't all befuggered up. Thank you.
  5. Agent_Mothman

    Anyone thought about making a Teamspeak skin?

    Just curious if anyone was making, or has made a TEST Squadron Teamspeak skin. If so, I'd love to use it.
  6. Agent_Mothman

    AWWWW YISSS! Muthafucking Starfarer!

    Melted my Herald, Avenger, and Aurora MR, and $25 for it. My Hangar is complete until Launch. Freelancer package upgraded to DUR, Reclaimer, Starfarer. Lets fill this big bitch with BEER!
  7. Agent_Mothman

    RSI Handle ant TS3 name change

    Name on RSI and TS3 changed from CubCadet1972 to Agent_Mothman
  8. Agent_Mothman

    Agent_Mothman, requesting permission to come aboard

    Why, should TEST allow me entry? I am a gamer, simply because I loye to play, not because I need to "win". I rarely take myself seriously, and most important....I love beer...and wine....and booze. Do you have any special skill set or talent that can benefit our noble goal of galactic conquest...
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