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  1. PhosphorusForFun


    Hey ya'll! So, looks like I had my 5th anniversary as a member of the Glorious Test Squardon, but have specifically stayed away from all thing SC for the past 3 years since I don't do so well on long waits. Since I've joined, I've had 2 kids (5 year old and 2 year old now in addition to the...
  2. PhosphorusForFun

    Member Added

    Third child popped out Monday morning (like literally; about 9 minutes of pushing, oooo the powAH!). Elise born at 8lbs, 12oz, perfectly healthy and hairy as a bear. Of course this does mean she’s the runt of the litter and the only girl, so must have a big personality.
  3. PhosphorusForFun


    Was looking at getting a Razer Orbweaver gamepad to go along with my Naga and was wondering about the viabilty of it as a psuedo-HOTAS setup. Popped into my head and figured i'd toss it out there, havent really thought about keymapping yet. Edit: keypad, not gamepad
  4. PhosphorusForFun

    Dreadnough Alpha Begins

    Just got my Alpha Invite, head on over to and have a look around. For those of you already in, I'm HighHubris#9802 there, but not sure how much I'll be able to participate in next week's window.
  5. PhosphorusForFun

    Multiple Copies of SC

    Been awhile since I heard anything and I no longer remember, but having multiple copies gives you multiple accounts, correct? And wasn't there something about using these accounts as crew on your ships? Were they supposed to have been better than NPC versions?
  6. PhosphorusForFun


    Hey TEST! I wasn't super active anyways but even less so with the advent of Summer with the kids. Just wanted to say hope you all enjoy yours as well and catch ya later.
  7. PhosphorusForFun

    Guns of Icarus Online Sale

    Good morning Testies! For all you crewmen out there, just found out that Guns of Icarus Online has gone on a 75% Steam sale so you can nab it for less than $4. The sale will last until May 29th I believe, so I encourage you to go check out a video and make use of the sale if you're interested...
  8. PhosphorusForFun

    How goes it?

    Nice to meet you all, just joined today. Me in a nutshell would be a casual (a 4yr old and a 2mo old limits time pretty well) that doesn't really know what he wants to do in SC. But, I'll end up with a 315p, Avenger, and a Redeemer. Saw someone post a RIP Terry Pratchett thread. Sad, sad day :(.
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