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  1. GrumpyCat

    Hartswoe delivers!

    True to his word, here it is.. with a little extra apparently! I was thinking we either use it for some sort of fundraising event for a charity... OR we give it back to him on-stage at Citizencon thanking him for his commitment to the community. But I was never good at this kind of stuff.
  2. GrumpyCat

    This ones for you boss

    YachtClubSC was having fun renaming the host's names if you donated... too bad he doesnt have a beard Uh... fixed it? *EDIT* I mean.. this wouldn't be the first time I was the only one that thought people looked similar.
  3. GrumpyCat

    I murdered a javelin today

    Press F to pay respects. People kept saying no one needs two, so I took their advice. Chopped up into a bunch of pieces and sold for scrap metal.
  4. GrumpyCat

    [CANCELLED] WTS 3x $310 RSI Store credit @ 65%

    A trusted guy I know bought up all my credit :D , friends are awesome
  5. GrumpyCat


  6. GrumpyCat

    Screw it, I just got my passport anyway.

    Am I gonna see any of you there?
  7. GrumpyCat

    I dun goofed

    Its August already, and I only have like 2-3k in spare liquid funds... T_T I dont know if i'll be able to afford w/e this new Aegis ship will be! I've got a ton of credit but CIG has been really pushing warbond only for big things like this lately. I swear if I miss buying a new capital...
  8. GrumpyCat

    A true SC trailer

    Guys I shit on trailers alllllll the time. Not because im TRYING to be mean but because there are so many low quality random trailers tossed out there plastered with org logos and that just don't show SC the way it should be. But this is a true exception, a golden example of what I think makes...
  9. GrumpyCat

    Banned from Imperium forums

    Lame, no idea why, those guys are SUUUUPER up tight. I guess it may have been because i posted about selling my 1080ti's.. but they have a specific marketplace forum for that kind of stuff so I dont understand why I'd get banned for that. UGH, lame, this is why im part of TEST... no drama...
  10. GrumpyCat

    1080ti Gigabyte Aorus Extreme

    View: Hey guys I have 2 of these cards and im looking to offload them, going to switch over to a 2080ti. Im posting them on some sale subreddits soon but wanted to see if any testie wanted them first. Im looking for $500 + shipping per card. US only They've been...
  11. GrumpyCat

    Ah.. this explains it

    The reasons for the scatterguns at Legatus is because the executive lightning is using them. I was always curious because why give a weird ship gun as a top tier reward?
  12. GrumpyCat

    Is the hammer head a capital or not?!

    Im getting mixed signals CIG... they call it a capital in some ATVs, they call it a corvette now.. but it has NO cap ship components. Do i need to add it to my cap collection or not?!?!
  13. GrumpyCat

    [Spoilers] Some neat screenshots

    And yes... that "TINY" ship next to the bengal is the javelin lol View:
  14. GrumpyCat

    Xian Dildos

    What a time to be alive! View:
  15. GrumpyCat

    Testies LTI Buy Back Thread Revival

    Got some ships collecting dust on the buyback page. RULES AS ALWAYS: Must be verified Testie for minimum 3 months. I eat paypal fees. Standalone Ship Aegis Hammerhead lti $650.00 Standalone Ship - A2 Hercules $700 ORIGIN 600i Series Combo Pack - LTI - Warbond Edition $770 Standalone Ship -...
  16. GrumpyCat

    Star Citizen Financials and New Investors
  17. GrumpyCat

    Idris P Conversion Kit

    Surprised I dont see a thread about this here. *edit* Ahh you folks are talking in the bigger thread. Oh well I feel like this is a separate thing from the main sale anyway.
  18. GrumpyCat


    Have access to my account again :3 , ill have it fully bought back end of month. YAY!
  19. GrumpyCat

    o7 Hey There

    So just wanted to throw out an update, its still a bit early but I dont think there should be any problems so... I talked to the guy I sold my account to, hes being nice enough to sell it back pro-rated, and ill be SofiyaPavlovena again probably mid next month (T_T missing a capital ship sale...
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