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  1. Lord_B

    Any one Playing Atlas? just got it on Xbox was looking for a company

    Just wanted to see if any one was playing Atlas? and if there was a Test company?
  2. Lord_B

    3.0 light flashing with sli anyone else have this problem

    Hello just wanted to know if any ones was having this problem? 2 x gtx 580 and im getting flashing light just like the old loading in flashing but all the time now and its only when sli is on.
  3. Lord_B

    Lord_B Here!

    Hello All Im Lord_B star citizen user name, use to play to much eve but i am over that now and playing star citizen a lot and looking for some multi crew action. Where you from stranger? Australia What drew you to Star Citizen? Space What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP...
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