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  1. Printimus

    One more Aussie

    Welcome aboard!
  2. Printimus

    DCS World.

    I am pretty sure that @AstroGimp01 is an avid aviator both in real life and in DCS.
  3. Printimus

    Saitech HOTAS

    why not get them all? there are lots of reviews and such already here on the forums regarding HOTAS and dual sticks. I recommend trying a search that way.
  4. Printimus

    so this is a real thing. . .for your simpit?

    Jedi scum.
  5. Printimus

    ship customization

    You can swap some components around and buy new ones, etc. The full implementation of components hasnt yet been pushed from CIG yet, but they are working on it. One of the previous RTV episodes goes into more detail on this topic.
  6. Printimus

    so this is a real thing. . .for your simpit?

    What does this look like? Star Wars Citizen?
  7. Printimus

    TEST Book Club - December Selection

    I am hoping the movie can remotely resemble the novel.
  8. Printimus

    TEST Book Club - December Selection

    Next week, January nominations thread will go up. Start thinking about how you want to begin your year with your book nominee!
  9. Printimus

    Star Citizen: Constellation Phoenix Cinematic

    Thats some great footage!
  10. Printimus

    TEST Book Club - December Selection

    well what the hell you waiting for? It's a city eat city world out there!
  11. Printimus

    I'm very skeptical about this.

    oh god why? KILL IT WITH FIRE!
  12. Printimus

    Legends of Aria

    pics or it didnt happen (what the hell is Legends of Aria anyway?)
  13. Printimus

    Question about mercenary and combat missions

    From what I remember about the Q&A about the Arrow, its a pretty fragile ship too.
  14. Printimus

    Getting started?

    im no pro by any means, but i am loving my Logitech Brio webcam for FOIP and streaming.
  15. Printimus

    Bought Cutlass in Game!

    I cant wait to buy more ships in game!
  16. Printimus

    Sad story of forbidden love

    Ozzy man reviews are the best.
  17. Printimus

    TEST Book Club - December Selection

    90% done! Where you all at with the read?
  18. Printimus

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome aboard!
  19. Printimus

    Finally got around to building my BF puter

    dont forget to buy it a nice dinner first.