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  1. GarikDuvall

    No organ harvesting in medical gameplay? Rage!!!

    Garik: "Hey does this smell like chloroform to you?" You: *wake up several hours later in a bathtub missing a kidney* If I can't pull off something similar to the above then whats the point in playing? 😷 Side note: Sending hookers and blow to my stateroom may or may not get you moved up on...
  2. GarikDuvall


    Welcome! Nice to see more 35+ gamers. Andros... great name. I used to have a character by that name in an older MMO (Shadowbane).
  3. GarikDuvall

    Greetings from Void

    Glad to have you. Always welcome to jump in a turret (even if it doesn't work), just for the pun of it 🙃
  4. GarikDuvall

    Hello There!

    Have an aurora and can fly half sober, mostly straight, more or less towards a target... then you qualify to join! (Disclaimer: didn't specify it being the correct target or stopping before hitting said target.) Well than, awesome. Welcome aboard bud!
  5. GarikDuvall streaming PC vs. real Desktop

    So it's $409/year ($25 first month, then 35 thereafter) if you do month-to month. OR its $294 if you pay for year in advance. That's not cheapest, but have to weigh cost vs building/buying your own rig, or having to upgrade it every year or two. Main benefit is that they pay to upgrade their...
  6. GarikDuvall

    Come, all ye faithful...

    One Christmasified avie coming up! BTW @Carlos Spicyweiner , that's one swell Xmas Dolphin lol
  7. GarikDuvall streaming PC vs. real Desktop

    I signed up for it to try it out (used your code radegast). That's what I was using during Saturday's CFT. Performance was great. I crashed twice but that was due to MY PC freezing up (haven't resolved that issue yet). But awesome part is that as soon as I got restarted and loaded shadow up...
  8. GarikDuvall

    Highlander Fleet time

    That's a solid pick and I'd seriously consider that one. Hospital is always needed, it has its own landing bay which is awesome, and if you want to be more adventurous you can detach the armored cab and take that out to explore or run other missions while you leave the hospital portion...
  9. GarikDuvall

    A TESTie wrote a book! And it's FREE to download! Upvote his submission to Citizen Spotlight!

    That is so awesome. I will definitely be reading it soon! Also, let's just a moment to again appreciate how amazing the name Han Burgundy is lol
  10. GarikDuvall

    Theorycrafting / Question about medical gameplay and large battle logistics:

    Later down the line, if you are in deep space I don't know if they will let you respawn at a planet/space station half way across the galaxy. My impression was that a spawn point had to be in range, otherwise you could potentially just die out in space if not rescued in time. I'm still not...
  11. GarikDuvall

    Theorycrafting / Question about medical gameplay and large battle logistics:

    Well I foresee a few things here. 1) I'm not so sure that patients will be treated that fast unless for minor injuries. I think the timer will be extended quite a but for those who need Class 1 beds and/or additional medical interaction from doctors. But that said, lets assume we do have a...
  12. GarikDuvall

    Star Citizen Aegis Idris tour

    This video tour was great. But ya man, I'd be content in just being "the help" if it mean I was able to serve on the 890. I can only imagine how amazing it will be 😵
  13. GarikDuvall

    Ship Crew Interest Survey

    Hold my beer... *attaches defibrillator to thread* CLEAR! *ZAP* This spreadsheet was a great idea though. Hope newer members see and add to it. Of course I added Doctor/Support roles. But I also make a damn good Commissar/Political Officer should you need one on your larger ship to ensure...
  14. GarikDuvall

    Other Help me find a name for TEST Medics

    Ya man... I just made that lil bit ago cause I loved it so much haha.
  15. GarikDuvall

    Jumptown as Org Op?

    I'll take the last role. Though I don't know how me playing Overwatch helps the Op. I'll cheer ya on while blowing crap up as Junkrat I guess? J/k, as I'm still getting re-used to the game (haven't touched it in a while), I'd be happy to help crew one of the ships. Pending I have enough...
  16. GarikDuvall

    Greetings everyone

    Welcome bud! Star Wars Galaxies... ah those were some good days.
  17. GarikDuvall

    Hi, trading beers for directions to jumptown.

    WELCOME! I may not know how to get to Jumptown, but I'll trade you shots (booze) for shots (medicine) 🤓
  18. GarikDuvall

    Other Help me find a name for TEST Medics

    GDI... it's so simply yet so amazing. I guess this will be my medical specialty. Just hope grab the correct IV bag of saline vs the IV of vodka or other narcotics for 'extracurricular activities'. Side note: While I plan to run SAR missions via my Cutlass Red and Hospital Ops on my Endeavor...
  19. GarikDuvall streaming PC vs. real Desktop

    Think I'll be checking this out as well. I had tried liquidsky for SC and it worked fine, though I was unhappy with their billing management and how hard it was to cancel the reoccurring charge (had to get my CC to block them). But besides that it worked very similar to Shadow. Nice thing...
  20. GarikDuvall

    *taps mic* Is this thing on?

    Oh an my Aurora will def be set aside for TEST shenanigans, I mean OPS.