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  1. Mortis 1 8 7

    Latest inside star citizen

    I really like the new designs, need to stay strong for my wallet and resist the Blade.
  2. Mortis 1 8 7

    [solved]Star Citizen keeps crashing every time I load into the verse

    I didn't see it mention here, but did you try to close all background programs? I see a lot of open programs bottom right, they might somehow interfere. (As crashes are even happening on differen parts, some times you can spawn, other times not, for me it points into that direction) I think I...
  3. Mortis 1 8 7

    Montoya responds to Inside Gaming's terrible coverage of Star Citizen

    I am also in that Roblox situation! Nice and insightful video, dunno how this content from them can taken seriously as it is lacking objective research from them.
  4. Mortis 1 8 7

    Fleet Repository

  5. Mortis 1 8 7

    Inside Star Citizen - 3.8 - This Looks Super Cool!!!

    So can we expect a TEST R&R with a Beer Court?
  6. Mortis 1 8 7

    10,000 MAIN MEMBERS!!!

  7. Mortis 1 8 7

    Screens leaked for Anvil's Citizencon ship

    I got baited because of the title and felt for it badly... Beer!
  8. Mortis 1 8 7

    New donation drive for my Executive edition 600i

    As he is not greedy he is satisfied and stays humble with 25k and not taking advantage here and going for 27k
  9. Mortis 1 8 7

    Final Showdown Today - Reclaimer vs Caterpillar

    There can be only one! Reclaimer...
  10. Mortis 1 8 7


    Thanks all for the warm welcome. It seems that game prepared me for Test over 25 years ago!
  11. Mortis 1 8 7


    Hey all I just got aware about Organizations this week as a email popped in, was too immersed into playing star citizen :D. I also joined Discord and Munken gave me an Introduction already. Ingame Handle: MortisKoli Where you from stranger? Switzerland What drew you to Star Citizen? I...
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