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  1. Alia_and_Gotin

    Hello Squadron !!

    Greetings and welcome!
  2. Alia_and_Gotin


    Greetings and welcome, pull up a seat at the bar.
  3. Alia_and_Gotin

    Hello Y'all

  4. Alia_and_Gotin

    Mining Leaderboard - September : 1 week left.

    Sick day = mining day
  5. Alia_and_Gotin

    Hello everyone!

  6. Alia_and_Gotin

    Hello All

    Pull up a stool at the bar, and welcome
  7. Alia_and_Gotin

    TESTies fashion

    Gotin and I went out and got some TEST uniforms today. Do we look sexy?
  8. Alia_and_Gotin

    Hello World

  9. Alia_and_Gotin

    Greetings fellow Spacers..

    Welcome to TEST!
  10. Alia_and_Gotin

    Hello hello

    Welcome, have a seat at the bar.
  11. Alia_and_Gotin

    Ship Showdown - The Eliminator.

    Gotin and I just spent several hours playing with the Carrack and the Reclaimer as we'd not used either one at all yet. The Reclaimer is pretty amazing, I'll look forward to seeing what it can do when you can actually use it for what its made for. The designing is really cool!. The Carrack...
  12. Alia_and_Gotin

    Hello all!

  13. Alia_and_Gotin


  14. Alia_and_Gotin

    Join TEST! Caption this piece of propaganda!

    Join Test! Someone has to run the booze.
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