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  1. NinjaL

    Cargo Talk & Cargo Hauler Guide Updates 1.2.6

    Some tips for carrack trading that I use. 1. Never go out the ramp, jump out the airlock with heavy leg armor on and you wont get hurt. 2. Set spawn point in carrack and just hit backspace to get back in your ship. 3. Ship jackers can shoot open the door on the 4th deck (the 2 above the...
  2. NinjaL

    Trading Cargo haulers rejoice! (3.8 spoiler)

    I had my cargo persist too. Game crashed while slow boating to PO. Logged back in on a different server, and my beerfarer with it's full cargo laod and I were at a reststop. I plan on stopping at rest stops after I load up planetside before I QT to my final destination to be safe.
  3. NinjaL

    What is your current fleet?

    My fleet: Need some mediums, but have everything I really wanted now.
  4. NinjaL

    Fleet Repository

    My fleet after the anniversary sale. Got a bunch of buybacks, but I am pretty content for now.
  5. NinjaL

    Industry Ariel super rock

    I wasn't thinking, I'll try to find it again tonight and post better pics. I read they respawn in the same spot so if I get good at finding it I'll be glad to group up in game and show anyone where it is.
  6. NinjaL

    Industry Ariel super rock

    the rock had 74% bexalite but i couldn't get it all cause my hold was full :(
  7. NinjaL


    Where you from stranger? Vancouver, B.C., Canada What drew you to Star Citizen? Pew Pew Space lasers! What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc) PVP, mining, trucking and overall mayhem. What was the first game you remember playing? Atari's Qbert What other games...
  8. NinjaL

    Industry Ariel super rock

    So I was drinking some berliner weisse and cruising Ariel and found a 74% Brexalite! I've included screen shots of where I found it and how much I made, hopefully fellow prospectors can put this Info to good use. CHEERS!!
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