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  1. DarthMunkee

    I don't know how this happened

    I just signed up for some random gaming group at the behest of @Printimus and all of a sudden it's been a whole 3 years. I guess you all ended up being entertaining after all.
  2. DarthMunkee

    Cocktail Recipes

    The Test Bartenders are going to need a recipe book to use when we feel like getting fancy so let's get one going. Post your favorite cocktail recipes here so we can all try them out. Boozy Cherry limeade 3oz Fresh Lime Juice 1oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice 3oz Clear Rum 1.5oz Maraschino 1oz...
  3. DarthMunkee

    TEST Book Club - June Nominations

    Hello TESTies! Our resident Bookworm Supreme is off galavanting around parts unknown at the moment finally getting around to that honeymoon that he was waiting for and asked me to fill in for him and make a nomination thread for June. Since I am totally capable of coming up with what to say on...
  4. DarthMunkee

    Time for Borderlands 3 Hype?

    Well not today, but tomorrow according to this teaser trailer.
  5. DarthMunkee

    [WTS] Thrustmaster T16000m HOTAS

    I recently upgraded my HOTAS so I no longer need these fine specimens of.... I don't know, stickness and throttleness. So I'm putting them up here for a couple of days to see if any TESTie might want to take them off my hands before I post them on Reddit for sale. I'm going to set the price at...
  6. DarthMunkee

    TEST Book Club - February Voting

    Hello TESTies! So @Printimus forgot how to use his internet and asked me if I would save they day and let you all vote on a book to read for February. So, much like Mighty Mouse, here I am to save the day! Without further ado, here are the nominations for February 2019: 1. Red Rising by...
  7. DarthMunkee

    I don't think that's how you potato

    I may not be the smartest primate around but I'm pretty sure this is not the intended use of a sweet potato. Or a squash.
  8. DarthMunkee

    For all of you wondering when 3.7 is going to make it to the Roadmap

    Someone asked in Spectrum today about 3.7 and beyond being added to the Roadmap. Zyloh-CIG responded with: So there you go, they are going to add more columns (releases) SOON™ Thread is here for those that want to venture to Spectrum.
  9. DarthMunkee

    You need this!!!

    It's the Black Hog b Explorer made by a fellow Citizen and looks freakin' perfect.
  10. DarthMunkee

    Check out this awesome looking new game,

    I saw this ad in Instagram last night and holy crap is the ship design great! I mean this is best example of original ship design I have ever seen in a game. I don't know how I haven't heard of this before now.
  11. DarthMunkee

    [CONCERN] Bans for lack of Xmas Spirit????

    Does the ban for a lack of a Christmas hat not extend to the forums as well? I spent a whole 5 minutes in GIMP to put a hat on my profile picture for here too, therefore everyone should have to go through that or face the consequences.
  12. DarthMunkee

    I met this weirdo on Yela that wouldn't shut up about winter

    I did a Recco mission tonight, had to pick up a box on Yela where it was snowing. I met this weirdo that kept going on and on about how winter is coming and about his new dragon. I think he's little nuts.
  13. DarthMunkee

    Click HERE for HOT Hammerhead on Hammerhead ACTION!!!!!

    4 Hammerheads, 1 Asteroid belt You won't believe what happens when the velcro comes undone Hot singles, just for you. Click Now! I promise I wasn't hacked just bored at work and found a cool HH video. All the links a totally legitimate. Don't believe me? Click on them. I double dog dare you.
  14. DarthMunkee

    How many Cyclones can you fit in a Cutty?

    3 And now for some bonus screen shots
  15. DarthMunkee

    I have discovered Montoya's secret identity!

    That's right TESTies, I have discovered our Glorious Leader @Montoya 's secret identity. And not only that but he's performing a stage show and probably coming to a town near you!
  16. DarthMunkee

    Just wanted to remind you all that this exists

    That is all.
  17. DarthMunkee

    I Got My New TEST Swag

    Aw yiss! New TEST shirts in prep for CitCon. Now people can easily know who I..... dammit!
  18. DarthMunkee

    What's the Sexiest Fighter in SC

    Like the title says, what's the sexiest Fighter in SC? I ran out of poll response choices so Listed what I thought would be the most common, but feel free to go for the write-in option too. I think you all know that there is really only one correct answer to this question though.
  19. DarthMunkee

    Our very own Printimus did a thing today!

    Yep, @Printimus went and got hitched today. Congrats bro!
  20. DarthMunkee

    Where's the freeplay mode?

    So Arena Commander is setup as a sim within a sim to let you fly around and get your desire for the pews out of your system without detriment to your standing or bank account, which makes sense. You can even earn REC from it so that you can go rent other weapons or ships if you are patient...
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