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  1. O-Lefty

    Preliminary Tournament Invitation: Star Citizen v3.10 Grand 3 v 3 Tournament Sunday July 12th at 19:00 UTC (3:00PM Eastern)

    Note: Contact @seriousseriouspunch for questions concerning entering the tournament. Welcome to TEST, cadets! We will be holding a casual tournament for all TEST members for fun and display our skills in Arena Commander. Pants optional. The tournament is now open for entry! See the RSVP link...
  2. O-Lefty

    TEST DIY Theaters of War! SUNDAY, June 21st at 20:00 UTC (4:00PM Eastern)

    Guilded Event: RSVP for SUNDAY, June 21st at 20:00 UTC (4:00PM Eastern) Local time:,12,5,6&h=100&date=2020-06-21&sln=20-22 Good day TESTies, A grounded Carrack is preparing for terrain exploration around the Levski spaceport when a group of pirates...
  3. O-Lefty

    City Boppin' and Bar Hoppin' Saturday May 23rd at 6:00PM UTC

    Welcome to TEST Squadron! Grab a beer! The time has come to take a moment to celebrate the many men and women that provide the rest of us the security and services needed to live in a free world. In the spirit of TEST we will be having a City Boppin' and Bar Hoppin' event traversing the 'verse...
  4. O-Lefty

    TEST Operation Merchant Navy Part Deuce

    TEST OPS: Merchant Navy When: Saturday, May 9th, 2020 at 1800 UTC (2:00PM Eastern) Where: Stanton System → Crusader→ Port Olisar (Start) Coordinator RSI Handle: seriousseriouspunch What: Organic and emergent gameplay! Join your TEST wingmen on an opportunity of a lifetime. Fly trade routes with...
  5. O-Lefty

    TEST Merchant Navy: A well oiled disciplined money-printing machine!

    TEST Merchant Navy "A well oiled disciplined money-printing machine!" ~seriousseriouspunch When: Saturday May 2nd, 2020 at 1800 UTC (2:00PM Eastern) Event Coordinators: seriusseriuspunch, TBD others Where: Stanton System → Crusader→ Port Olisar (Start) What: Strike the iron while it's hot! Join...
  6. O-Lefty

    TSMC Star Marine Night, Thursday Oct. 31st at 9:00PM UTC (5:00PM Eastern)

    Date/Time: Thursday October 31st, 2019 at 9:00PM UTC (5:00PM Eastern) Spawn Location: PU → Star Marine Coordinator RSI Handle(s): DontTouchMyHoHos Brief: TEST needs you! We'll be fighting interstellar wars on all fronts when the PU goes live. Join the TEST Star Marine Corps today and train up...
  7. O-Lefty

    Deep Space Exploration TESTies Discussion Sunday November 3rd

    Date/Time: Sunday November 3rd, 2019 at 3:00PM UTC (11:00 Eastern) Spawn Location: TEST Discord Coordinator RSI Handle(s): O-Lefty, Mromutt Brief: It's time to invite exploration minded TESTies to get together over a drink on the TEST Discord so we can talk about where the game is at. Every day...
  8. O-Lefty

    Extraction Operation: Sunday October 27th, 2019 at 17:45 UTC

    Date/Time: Sunday October 27th, 2019 at 17:45 UTC (13:45 Eastern) Spawn Location: PU → Stanton System → Port Olisar Coordinator RSI Handle(s): Invidiax4 Brief: Late Saturday a TEST merchant fleet of high value was scheduled to be delivered. During an attack by an unknown enemy one freighter was...
  9. O-Lefty

    TESTie Commendations: Building the BEST TEST Together

    Hey everyone, As the new subscriber flair contains a suspiciously yellow (and black) helmet as part of the non-standard set we have decided to give commendations to a limited number of TESTies (up to 25) that have shown continued contributions to TEST above and beyond the call of booty (duty)...
  10. O-Lefty

    CitizenCon 2949 TESTie Attendees List!

    We're getting together a list of all the TESTies that are attending CitizenCon this year so we can coordinate some group beverage activities. If you're going to be attending CitizenCon, or just live in the Manchester are and want to meet the gang post below! Include the timeframe you'll be...
  11. O-Lefty

    4 Ships 1 Hangar: Another Win For Human Ships

    The 890J hangar can fit a few of your ships! Hnnnnnnnngh.
  12. O-Lefty

    Really Can't Wait For the ToNk

    After playing with the Ballista some I really can't wait for the Tonk to come out. Going to smash so many Xenos.
  13. O-Lefty

    TESTie 2v2 Smash Bruddha Dogfighting Tournament Sign-ups (Double Elimination)

    What: 2v2 TEST Internal Ship Combat Tournament When: Arranged Time Slots with seriusseriouspunch Where: Arena Commander Free Fly SimPod Module Sign-up Here: Sign-ups The long awaited TEST dogfighting tournament has arrived! Hosted by seriousseriouspunch. Register as teams of two...
  14. O-Lefty

    TEST Fleet Please Ignore! The Battle For Stanton System Supremacy (Sunday 2019/5/19 @4:00PM UTC / 12:00PM EDT)

    TESTies fall in! It has been a long time coming. We have discouraged the UEE from shooting down TEST pilots during their training exercises, but this time they have gone too far! Security forces in the Stanton System have become increasingly hostile in the year 2949 with extensive use of...
  15. O-Lefty

    TSMC's the TESTies BESTies For Me: Science and Shenanigans Saturday 2019/5/11 at 7:00PM UTC (3PM EDT)

    Howdy folks, this ain't our first rodeo! Lock and load it's another Saturday evening TSMC exercise weekend! Tomorrow (2019/5/11) we'll be taking TSMC to the skies and doing our BEST to TEST out some gameplay aspects that we may have not fully explored before: guns, fall damage, grenades...
  16. O-Lefty

    This Weekend's Events

    Hey everyone! Just to recap on some recent forum discussion we have a few events this weekend as well as a Star Citizen free-fly event going on. If you have friends that are interested in the game but are too stingy to drop money on our favorite scam let them know, invite them along! Discord...
  17. O-Lefty

    TSMC Training Exercise Part Deuce: Squad Leader Candidacy Saturday 2019/5/4 at 7:00PM UTC (3PM EDT)

    NOTICE: IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURSUE THE LIFE OF A SQUAD LEADER OR COMMANDING OFFICER (HELPING RUN EVENTS) PLEASE EXPRESS SO BELOW!!! Y'all root'n' toot'n' PRIVATES better gear up! We're going to the academy to do DRUGS! Last weekend we covered some of the fundamental principles of TSMC (TEST...
  18. O-Lefty

    TSMC Training "Exercise", Saturday 4/27/2019 7:00PM UTC (3:00PM EDT)

    PRIVATES! Welcome to the TEST Private Army Recruitment and Training Yard. The T-PARTY. Check your gear and rations! (Beer fridge) We're going to cover the basic principles of the TEST Star Marine Corps and engage in some light training exercises this coming Saturday. Come prepared to show...
  19. O-Lefty

    Get Your Wings!

    It's Wing Wednesday. TEST loves spaceships and therefore wings. What is TEST's (your) favorite flavor of wings? Ranch, Bleu Cheese, celery, beer, and/or soda? Bone in/boneless? Wings or drumsticks? I'm a basic bitch: boneless medium buffalo wings with ranch and a Witbier/Coke. o7 P.S...
  20. O-Lefty

    Star Citizen VOIP

    So my VOIP isn't working and I'm sure a lot of other guys are having the same issues. I suspect it's the wrong device being selected by the game with no way to change it. Any of you have a guide to getting VOIP working in v3.5?
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