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  1. vahadar

    Crusader Kings 3 is out

    Oh damn, please forgive me, now i have to get away from SC a bit ^^
  2. vahadar

    Leaked Aegis Javelin model

    View: It looks a bit better than the old interior leak video from a few years ago, but still a wip.
  3. vahadar

    Security Yellow Jackets and the future of comms in battle, brainstorming!

    Hello fellow Yellow Jackets 🖖 Last CFT on saturday we had an awsome debriefing about comms and i'd like to expand on this momentum. Here are some thoughts to discuss and brainstorm to anticipate the way we will communicate efficiently during an operation (OP). @marcsand2 @Cugino83 @Reload @Tei...
  4. vahadar

    WTB old price Carrack CCU? (i can dream i know)

    Hey Folks, i am looking for an old Carrack CCU (350$ Carrack), i know i can dream since the upgrade must be in your hangar already and not in buyback, but maybe someone has something like this hidden somewhere? I am taking any kind of CCU to Carrack old price, providing the starting ship is...
  5. vahadar

    Theory - Is SC planned for 2022-2023?

    I have this crazy theory 😁 When you look at ship insurance the past years, they were generally increased by one year, counting from 2012, for each anniversary sales. But since last year (IAE 2949) CIG stated that all anniversary sales will have now a fixed 10 years insurance...
  6. vahadar

    Well, Javelin down !!

    I guess its not the first one going down with all those crazys around 🥳 View: Hammerhead used as intended near the end of the video, no armistice zone for you !
  7. vahadar

    Ships, upgrades and items - vahadar's at cost emporium for TESTies (european shop - ZERO or low paypal fee)

    This is another "at cost" european shop with 20% VAT - NO PAYPAL FEE under 100$ (item+VAT price), it's on me (unless told differently). I charge a flat 5% PayPal fee above 100$ (item+VAT price). Shop rules and details in next post (please read first). Hope you will find what you need here! The...
  8. vahadar

    New concept for Fleet Week : the Origin G12a land rover ?

    So it seems this is the new toy that we will have unveiled during the event. From the picture it looks like the cyclone, probably a fast rover, closed cabin (like Ursa?), and a gun turret on top. A faster Ursa ?:love: View...
  9. vahadar

    RSI plegde shop question - store credit and buyback?

    Hello, Got a question about RSI shop and pledge since its about to be my first time i buy with store credits and i dont want to make mistake. If i buy a Prowler with store credit (528$ store credit in the french shop), and let's say i want to merge it after some weeks to get something else. If...
  10. vahadar

    Ship size when folded? Hawk, Arrow, Mustang, Sabre? Plz help me :)

    Hey all, I'm looking for some hints about the beam (width) size of those 4 ships (Arrow, Hawk, Mustang, Sabre) when wings are folded. I've made some calculation for the Hawk, and it seems to be around 7.5m (calculated from that image...
  11. vahadar

    WTB Reclaimer - and my LTI wishlist for this year and after

    Hello Testies, This thread is just to advertise what i would like to buy in general to complete my ships objectives for 2020-2021. I am posting this so potential sellers are aware of my wishlist in advance ;) Here is my LTI greymarket wishlist in order of preference : 1* Carrack old price @350...
  12. vahadar

    P-52/P-72 Krugers advices?

    Hello, I am in the market to buy 4 (four) P-52 Merlin/P-72 Archimedes, either LTI or standard insurance (preferably LTI). Those will be my Carrack's snub escort. You can reply here or pm me with offer. Thank you ! edit : i'll follow Cugino83 advice and buy them ingame :) edit2 : changed the...
  13. vahadar

    Free beer?? Gimme wine !!

    Another shitpost yeaa!! I eat frogs for breakfast, i smell cheese when i speak, wine runs in my vein, my ding d*ng is larger than a baguette, ofc i never wash myself!! guess where i'm from ! New member, old ultra casual player (shhhh lurking in Imperium since 2012, but they dont have free beer...
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