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  1. Sanbo

    Greenlight game "The Harvest"

    Got a new game going up for green light. It would be great to get some Testie Love and check it out if you like it vote it up! *edit Forgot the Link so here it is
  2. Sanbo

    Unofficial Conan PVE Server

    I started a PVE server for us laid back folks right now its a 24 slot server but I can increase the size if needed. Its a PVE server with x2 xp and harvest. I will adjust the settings as the group sees fit. to find it just search for "Test Squad's" in game server list and the password is...
  3. Sanbo

    ARK Dino Loot Hunt

    To help keep things fresh we decided to make a Dino loot hunt. If you find the dino below and kill it the loot is all yours. I will post hints to where he is located if nobody finds him in a few days.
  4. Sanbo

    Test Propaganda Fallout 4

    Just decided to make a billboard for test in FO4. You can check out the series here.
  5. Sanbo

    Citizen Con Free Flight.

    Hey guys seen this on in the SC forums thought it might be nice for some of you to try out all the ships until the 25th. Just go here. and enter this this code CITCONFLIGHT2K15 I was trying out the Glaive for a bit. Its only good until 25 Oct.
  6. Sanbo

    Whats up

    Just thought I would pop in and finally post. I have been a lurker for along time figured it was about time I got off my ass and made an account. Where you from stranger? San Diego What drew you to Star Citizen? One of my friends got me into and I fell in love with the idea. I have been a...
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