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  1. Star Ferret

    The Ferret's Buyback Shop

    Greetings fellow Testies; figured I might give this a try... I dont have a lot, but I have a few things in my Buybacks and I'd like to try and get rid them. Most of these are from past Anniversary Sales that I melted each year and replaced with the current years version, etc... I also dont...
  2. Star Ferret

    Dumpers Depot Guide/Spread Sheet?

    Just curious if anyone out there has an accurate guide/spread sheet for Dumpers Depot showing current component specs and prices? I found this one searching on Google, but it doesn't seem to be very accurate on some things...
  3. Star Ferret


    Where you from stranger? I'm Star Ferret from Atlanta Bar Citizen and @dethos sold me on TEST, figured I would hook up with what is obviously the best SC Org out there.. What drew you to Star Citizen? I started backing Star Citizen in January 2016, after being a skeptic for a couple of years...
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