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  1. Flash Point

    Hey folks.

    Welcome! I am just south of you in the springs.
  2. Flash Point

    TEST Kraken Captains only

  3. Flash Point

    Invictus Megathread

    Lmao, I busted out laughing on that last pic.
  4. Flash Point

    Boarding locked Carrack

    Are you sure you did not activate the open/close twice by accident? If you were on the ground and activated the button to close and managed to hit it again, it would have opened back up after closing.
  5. Flash Point


    There's a good chance! I am 35 with just north of 15 years in the Army.
  6. Flash Point


    Thanks, everyone!
  7. Flash Point


    Hello everyone, Where you from stranger? I am active Army and currently live in Colorado. What drew you to Star Citizen? I started following Star Citizen in 2013 and it looked very promising. Primarily, it was the quality of graphics and attention to detail... and space. What do you look...
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