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  1. DarthMunkee

    TEST DIY Theaters of War! SUNDAY, June 21st at 20:00 UTC (4:00PM Eastern)

    It'd be a real shame if someone showed up with a Hammerhead on a crash course.
  2. DarthMunkee

    food/drink at battlestation thread

    Anyone who answers that they don't eat pizza should be immediately removed from TEST. Clearly the first level of captcha failed to weed out all the robots if anyone picks that.
  3. DarthMunkee

    If you pre-order Star Wars Squadrons....

    No Tie Defender???? Literally unplayable. Grand Admiral Thrawn will not be disrespected in this manner.
  4. DarthMunkee

    Gotta rock that Covid hair.

    Bumblebee tuna
  5. DarthMunkee

    Opinions on custom computer builders

    Building your own system is fine. Buying a prebuilt from a builder is fine. They both have their pros and cons. If you build your own, you are going to save money but you aren't' going to get an overall warranty on parts and labor, just whatever warranty you get on the parts themselves. If you...
  6. DarthMunkee

    Looking for i7 6700, 6700k, 7700, 7700k - stateside (SOLVED)

    I know this feel too well
  7. DarthMunkee

    Looking for i7 6700, 6700k, 7700, 7700k - stateside (SOLVED)

    So the 7700T still has hyperthreading so it will still do well with multithreaded tasks like rendering and would probably do ok with some streaming. The 7700k is the version with the unlocked multiplier so it's overclockable, but that motherboard can't really supply the power needed to OC and I...
  8. DarthMunkee

    Missile Update

    I honestly forgot about the Ares and I own one. Maybe I own too many ships 🤔
  9. DarthMunkee

    Missile Update

    I want to see this too. And also a proper gunboat, small and just covered in guns. Actually, you know what would be even better? Just a giant gun you can fly, like a ship version of Megatron.
  10. DarthMunkee

    Discord or Guilded for Commercial Use

    My company just moved over to teams for meetings and it's actually been working pretty well so far. I was pleasantly surprised. We still have to use Webex for the bigger company wide meetings but those are mostly just one or two people talking through the whole thing.
  11. DarthMunkee

    Official CIG Mining Statistics

    Why would they even include that on the list?? I can't wait for the day when I can add inert materials to this list
  12. DarthMunkee

    Official CIG Mining Statistics

    This is how I want all of my vital data packaged
  13. DarthMunkee

    Replaced some parts on my laptop and its almost like new

    The last laptop that I bought for myself years ago was great at the time but was a bit slow after a couple of years. Spent the money on a nice SSD and some more RAM for it and the thing was like new after that. Of course this was like 8 years ago when you could still do basic upgrades on a...
  14. DarthMunkee

    Ice Mining anyone?

    So one of the biggest things about SC is that they want realism everywhere they can't put it that won't negatively impact gameplay. Ice mining is going to be absolutely essential to all things space exploration IRL so it only makes sense to put it in-game. It is a great source for both Hydrogen...
  15. DarthMunkee

    Home Sweet Home

    Welcome back Owl!
  16. DarthMunkee

    Alien Race Found

    I think they might just be Belters in from hauling ice so those damn Inners can play spacer.
  17. DarthMunkee

    My new Monstertech Simrig is coming together!

    Do you really need the keyboard for anything other than typing out messages? You already have an Orbweaver to control FPS and you could use something like GameGlass to help with the ship control part of things. If you really just need a keyboard for basic typing of messages, etc. then try...
  18. DarthMunkee

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    No they do not.
  19. DarthMunkee

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    So you think we'll be able to get this thing to 1000 pages in 2020? #shitpostgoals
  20. DarthMunkee


    Welcome! Here's a fun Earl Grey based drink you can try sometime. Take your water and freeze it into small cube shapes instead of boiling it, put those in a glass when they are done. Then instead of adding tea leaves, add in some gin. Like more than you think you should add. Top it off with...
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