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  1. EVPilot

    Hand Carry Cargo Ships

    So I just signed up for a mission to make a pickup and delivery. Unfortunately I was in a hornet and I could not bring it with me. So what ships can I bring cargo in? I’m looking for the fastest.
  2. EVPilot

    Fastest way to get to another point on the same planet?

    I was on Yela one time at a shelter and I wanted to get to Benson on the otherside. What is the best way to get there? Try and fly direct to it or go out into orbit and come back down to it? Is there any kind of navigation equipment to get me there? I was basically homing there by adjusting my...
  3. EVPilot

    On the go PC

    I do almost all of my gaming away from home so I got a beast of a laptop. 7700k delidded and overclocked up to 5.0ghz, gtx1080 sli,64gb g.skill, 1tb 960 pro, 500gb 960 pro, 1 tb 850, 1tb spinning drive. It has a 3k gsync monitor. I run it mostly underclocked and undervolted to keep the fans down...
  4. EVPilot

    Hi everyone

    well I had joined SC and Test a little bit ago (I don’t know exactly when). I didn’t like the initial SC I played so I decided to come back at a later time.i Just downloaded 3.1 and I’m loving it so far. I decided to dump more funds into ships. I think I overpaid on eBay purchases. I didn’t see...
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