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  1. Reebourne

    Songs to listen to while you fly your Aurora.

  2. Reebourne

    who here has the biggest, richest hangar? GO

    Wow OP drops a bomb like that and runs for the poor bunker to await the fireworks lol Well as we a talking about massive hangars here is mine.
  3. Reebourne

    Free Borderlands : The Handsome Collection

    Today its : ARK: Survival Evolved Weirdly I was already playing it on Steam when I checked to see what was free this week lol
  4. Reebourne

    Free Borderlands : The Handsome Collection

    Thanks. Just set myself up an Epic games account and got this one. I may never downloaded it but the steam choices do seem a little limited during this lock down so may be time to explore Epic. How does everyone find it?.
  5. Reebourne

    Shit new applicants are saying

    What! You guys can fly. I just walk around the stations getting lost.
  6. Reebourne

    Another one of those "You have 3 ships thread"

    My Current Set up and only ships are: daily driver: my LTI Freelancer DUR Fighter: LTI Sabre Profession: LTI Vulture So my day will go. Dur finds the wreck site, Sabre clears the wreck site, Vulture eats the wreck site lol
  7. Reebourne

    Merry Christmas (TESTivus)

    Happy Xmas all, may you eat till you burst and drink till you puke!
  8. Reebourne

    Citizen Con 2949 non-streamed content now showing on youtubes

    So I assume if you break out you don't get your stuff back that you have when you were arrested then. We do need more items as consumables, otherwise when we all have everything and its all insured the shops will be useless. Unless they bring in Wear and Tear I guess.
  9. Reebourne

    New Game Package with LTI

    Yes I was going to buy a ship anyway for cash for an LTI token. But I guess i would have to buy S42 again, not that I am that worried about playing it. will sleep on it and do the math.
  10. Reebourne

    New Game Package with LTI Worth melting original game package so all ships can have LTI???
  11. Reebourne


    No worries Beers come first 🍻
  12. Reebourne

    SC 3.7.2 is LIVE!

    Got in rented everything, Got stuck in a dying in my bunk loop for 10 mins. Finally took the Pisces for a spin went to EVA to look at the outside realised i was still in orbit and fell to my death for 10 mins. I am loving this lol
  13. Reebourne

    SC 3.7.2 is LIVE!

    ah 2pm UK time thought it was 1pm never mind have to wait a bit longer. Got a new 🧢 and 👕 though 😀
  14. Reebourne

    Heavy Support Armor - sneak peek

    Looks like the standard EA Board Member Suit.
  15. Reebourne

    Industry Ships with Advanced Sensors Suite can detect minerals. UPDATED 10/13/19

    I wonder what the 315P will scan eventually, Would be handy if CIG gave us a few clues on the direction of scanning/Exploration
  16. Reebourne

    Interstellar Diplomacy org accepts complete rando as an emissary representing TEST

    Looks like the drink got delusions of grandeur!
  17. Reebourne

    3.7 pirate swarm - any one want a run?

    Oops a bit late just did 10/10 in my MIS and some guy in a HeartSeaker. That last ship is a beast lol
  18. Reebourne

    503 Service Temporarily Unavailable?!

    lol its a tad Crazy my Launcher has no launch or update buttons and tweets like a crazy bird every second till i shut it down. Gone back to Skyrim will have another go tomorrow.
  19. Reebourne

    RSI Mantis reveal

    Wow I am Feeling a little Cheated.
  20. Reebourne

    You can buy one of the showdown ships for a limited time

    I just upgraded my Max for a MIS. First time I took it out I got interdicted by 2 NPC Cats. Totally crushed them, loving it lol.
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