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  1. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Ashes of Creation, what New World wanted to be?

    Looks pretty similar and actually has buildling in it. finished watching more, this game and their ideas shit on New World. edit: View: View: IDK HOW TO LINK THIS its 4:18 hrs when the interview...
  2. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Phantasy Star online 2 Ship choice

    Im making my character on ship 1 with some friends. Would like to throw out to TEST all getting on ship 1 as you can not freely move between ships even if you dont plan on joining a test group but want to play together.
  3. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Discord targeted malware.
  4. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Custom Arcade Cabinet help

    Anyone into this shit or have done it? I'm in the designing phase at the moment and want to mainly use MAME as it allows you to use Aimtrak guns for all the games so I dont have to worry about bullshit monitors and the Hz for different setups etc. Curious if someone ahs some insight.
  5. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Question for TEST/Divison or anyone really

    Question, my next job i need to pick up a programming language and im starting out fresh. Does test need anything automated to help out that you know off the top of your head? Even if it isnt for test i want to help you guys out if you want something scripted/automated so it gives me something...
  6. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Interesting, blizz fires a beloved CM...then puts up a job listing for his position?

    View: Odd... >.> Not to plug this to announce this guy, but if you like to watch gaming news on youtube he is pretty good. Regardless, this company has no restraints imo. Video covers the countless people fired to only have their exact positions to...
  7. DontTouchMyHoHos

    New World Sign-up

    Being as TEST does TEST things and TEST only things. I would like to start a sign-up for those interested in doing the guildie thing. There is a 50 slot maximum so far and thus it be a first come first serve thing.
  8. DontTouchMyHoHos

    New World, Seems right up TEST alley with ark and atlas etc.

    Title. Im assuming we are diving into this game?
  9. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Oh god its back

    D: I havent changed my profile pic since last year. Fml
  10. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Any retired/active military good with LoR?

    English blows and I need to type a LoR for my commander so I can have him draft it up to BN CMD. I'm in a race to reclass to the MOS I want vs the MOS I kinda want but is shittier. 25D cyber defense vs 25B IT. Its kinda a race, career counselor told me if I got my 25D approved in time I would be...
  11. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Anyone willing to help make a poster for a tournament im running?

    As title, looking to make a simple poster that can be used as a youtube thumbnail as well.
  12. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Pre orders are up for Kingdom Under Fire 2 rts/mmorpg style game that mixes dynasty warriors and rpg.
  13. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Redeemer creator has spoken! The Redeemer is real and the only reason I refuse to not touch SC because if this ship isnt flyable I aint flying.
  14. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Infinity: Battlescape, good spacecombat?

    Seems very interesting to watch. Gives a planetside vibe to it, but purely space fighting. Looks like a good time killer for SC and a good place to work on tactics more so.
  15. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Anyone here familiar with the Med Board process for military?

    I know we have a few retired and active people floating around. I just got told my med board process has been initiated and I want to fight it and if I lose I better be getting a good % after learning Illinois exempts you from property taxes if its 70% or higher I damn well better be getting...
  16. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Wrote a letter to my senator about the bullshit in games, I.E. Gambling in nba 2k20

    Dear Mr. Hohos Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts regarding the Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act. I appreciate hearing from you. As you know, on May 8, 2019, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) announced his intention to introduce the Protecting Children from Abusive Games...
  17. DontTouchMyHoHos

    NIER AUTOMATA must play. Music is gorgeous.

    This is one of those games that leaves a hole in your chest because of the story and you begin scouring the internet for games like it to only fall into a depression that there isnt. The music with this game is simply gorgeous and bar none probably the best soundtrack ive heard in a game in its...
  18. DontTouchMyHoHos

    2k20 straight up is gambling now, a game for 3 year olds

    View: Also it was found out that, "influencers" are getting higher drop rates when paid to open loot boxes. NBA 2k20 is now 100% a mobile game that you pay 60$ for, lol. I agree 100% with angry joe on this. Games are now absorbing all the mobile game...
  19. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Anyone here looking at Kingdom Under Fire 2?

    I've been waiting for this game forever. Its a mmoarts, so mix dynasty warriors with total war combat, territory wars, guild vs guild, and pve raids etc. The game releases in November View:
  20. DontTouchMyHoHos

    Madden 19 and Madden 20 identical games lmao

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