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  1. DarkScout

    No more customization for 300 series?

    Hey, is it just a glitch for me or is the website customization on the Origin 300 series now turned off? NVM, I've sobered up and see it now!
  2. DarkScout

    Anniversary Sale in 2018?

    Has any news about the Anniversary Sale for this year been released? I am fairly new to SC and wanted to wait for the sale to buy another ship, if it sounds like a good idea. Anyone have any advice for me? (side note: my hope is that the advice you provide is related to the Anniversary Sale...
  3. DarkScout

    New to Test Squadron... Hello

    To introduce myself... Where you from stranger? Grew up in the Midwest, but after the military, I moved to Arizona... been here ever since and love the desert. Other than the heat. Oh, and the lack of green plants. Other than that, it's amazing. What drew you to Star Citizen? I'm an old...
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