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    TEST SQUADRON TOP GUN Propaganda needed!

    I would love to fly my Eclipse in a huge formation of Eclipses. Like a flying V of deadly torpedo-armed stealth geese.
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    Extensive explanation about what dynamic server meshing does

    Plenty more where that came from.
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    Latest inside star citizen

    I look forward to seeing what kind of tactics come about with that kind of setup. I picture like a bird of prey always aiming to be above their target, swooping down where they can react to incoming fire from below and dodge it, and leaving the armour on their back to deal with anything that...
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    Latest inside star citizen

    I'm loving the new looks of the ships. I thought the scythe and glaive were hideous before. Makes me want to grab a Blade before alien week ends.
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    Shit new applicants are saying

    I would be willing to put up a sixth of my ass
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    PC Build advice

    I can second (third, fourth, fifth? I dunno how many people I'm agreeing with) with the i7 and the extra RAM, and that 2070 Super is a pretty big upgrade from the 2060 for not that much money. I just built a new rig myself, Ryzen 3800X, RTX2070Super and 32gb of RAM, and it was a huge huge huge...
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    Any reef / aquarium experts in TEST?

    I'm curious to see how that all works out! Sufficiently long piping may take up some of the extra pressure if that's a problem, too. So long as your water isn't too turbulent for the crabs or starts swirling around your substrate I would imagine you'll be fine. And the water level sensor is a...
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    Any reef / aquarium experts in TEST?

    If you were in Canada I could tell you what a good place to shop at would be, but I know they don't ship out of country. Atleast with an idea of what it is you need you'll be able to find something eventually, I'm sure. And @Talonsbane has a good point about making sure a pump is good for...
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    Any reef / aquarium experts in TEST?

    Well, if it's half a gallon of water and you want it to replace the water 5-10x per minute, then you'll need a pump that can do 2.5-5 gallons per minute, or 150-300GPH or 600-1100 liters per hour (I'm Canadian). That seems pretty fast to me for such a small volume of water, so I just did a quick...
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    Any reef / aquarium experts in TEST?

    ooooh fancy!
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    Any reef / aquarium experts in TEST? found this, it's a pretty good read on how the overflow boxes work and why they're a good idea. but of course that depends on the size of your aquarium and your desired water level. and you could always make your own custom one.
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    Any reef / aquarium experts in TEST?

    Looks good to me! I had live coral and fish and all sorts of other creatures, so I needed a skimmer, and my UV lights where above the aquarium. A skimmer would just help keep the water cleaner from all the crab poop and their messy eating, but isn't so essential if you don't have live coral...
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    Any reef / aquarium experts in TEST?

    Please excuse my crude attempt at MS paint but this is pretty much what i had for my sump on my salt water tank.
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    Alien Week is ON!

    Somebody tried to forcefully board my Pisces last night, so I opened the door for him. Then I shot him in the face, stole his Prowler, and took it for a joyride. I'd be interested in trying out the other alien ships now.
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    Salute bonjour! that's about all the french I know how to spell

    I did not see this format thingy when i initially posted, so i want to do it now! Where you from stranger? Edmonton, Alberta, Canada What drew you to Star Citizen? Always been a big fan of space games. Played lots of Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen just seemed like it took all the good...
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    Fleet Repository

    This is what I've got going for me. Apparently I like fighters, which I guess makes sense why I like mercenary missions the most. Some of these are sitting in buyback right now because I didn't have that much money laying around, but I will be slowly rebuying them.
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    A question on ship skins..

    I have the skins pack for the Arrow and I can confirm you can take them off and put them on as often as you'd like.
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    Salute bonjour! that's about all the french I know how to spell

    Oui, un grande verre s'il vous plait!
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    Salute bonjour! that's about all the french I know how to spell

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I look forward to crewing and flying with you. I swear I'm no spai! Just a proud pilot lacking in the ability to keep a ship flying for very long.
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    Salute bonjour! that's about all the french I know how to spell

    Like, coffee crisp the chocolate bar? They are a staple of the Canadian trick or treat season.
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