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  1. TheStoicWhale

    PSA - There is a Vanduul Mask Challenge discord server that has rolling groups of 15/30 farming kills Did 4 groups today at 15 and they all said the 15 groups were smoother than the 30 and 50. Everytime I checked discord they always had a fresh group going. They have A before your name so they know who needs to go and then X before name when you have gone. So...
  2. TheStoicWhale

    Do additional game packages still create character/npc slots?

    From what I have read additional game packages create character slots that can be used as NPC slots How many character/NPC slots are you guys planning to have? I am interested in asking the same question as...
  3. TheStoicWhale


    I am TheStoicWhale and I just realized I never made an intro post lol. I live in Florida and have been through multiple direct hurricane landings. Actually this last time with Irma we didn’t even care… we had our front door open drinking beer watching the trees fall over. You should have seen us...
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