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  1. Bambooza

    PAX (penny arcade expo) So it looks like it's going to be online and free this year.
  2. Bambooza

    Mercury Star Runner looking good.

  3. Bambooza

    New ship from Esperia?

    Sneak Peek
  4. Bambooza

    Space Whales.

  5. Bambooza

    Idris attack

    Don't worry the pain ends when you respawn. View:
  6. Bambooza

    Curiosity Panorama of Mars

  7. Bambooza

    New Origin ship? Explorer?

    Have a feeling we will need to wait until LA CitizenCon to find out.
  8. Bambooza

    Fellow Testie keeping us honest

  9. Bambooza

    Test outpost on Hurston

    View: Wasn't aware we had an outpost but the crashed ships would be something we would do...
  10. Bambooza

    Scale of things

    It's easy to forget how big ships and stations are from the pilot seat.
  11. Bambooza

    Ship hangars

    Interesting. If I am reading this right while if it fits it sits will still hold true ships that are parked correctly ie intended for the internal hangar space will have access to fuel and supplies between ships.
  12. Bambooza

    Theaters of War

    View: I was waiting for the official release and will edit the link when it does but in the meantime this one by boredgamer works. I have to say as much as I enjoyed watching the PU gameplay (minus the sad Carrack model) mission loop the true star...
  13. Bambooza

    Jake Muehle on the Economy Highlights. NPCs will be used as both Price floors and price Ceilings in the economy in an attempt to keep things from getting too far out of balance. One of...
  14. Bambooza

    NYMag, intelligencer; Chris Roberts on the Future of Gaming
  15. Bambooza

    1 days away

    Figured we can start remembering the year so far as the hype builds. View:
  16. Bambooza

    3.7 Trade Routes

    So far Astatine from HDMS_Woodruff to Port Olisar in a StarFarer has netted the biggest payout with a 20 min round trip for 52,671. I've looked into the Laranite, Agricium and Medical Supplies but they all have a limit of 5000 units available for purchase or willing to buy so it doesn't seem...
  17. Bambooza

    Newest wingman.

    This little bruiser might be better as a ground pounder then a pilot given his starting stats of 12 pounds 3 ounces and 22.5 inches long.
  18. Bambooza

    This explains why Blindowl always ends up with everyone's beer.

    View: Sneaky little bastard.
  19. Bambooza

    Industry Orion - Starfarer Partnership

    Not sure how I missed this back in march but it does seem that the Orion partnered with a Starfarer or two along with Hulls would be a great mining op. Christopher [email protected] March 30th at 10:00 pm The Starfarer will be able to transport and deliver / refuel in flight both regular...
  20. Bambooza

    Now I know what I'll be playing until the release of SQ42

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