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  1. Patrick Spaceman

    Still haven't got best in show skin....but got this instead?

    Hmm what is the deal with this?
  2. Patrick Spaceman

    Changed My Org Status - Don't freak out.

    As the title says.. I'm changed to an affiliate, so I could create a one man band org to control assets. Once I get a second CIG account running with a package, i'll hand over the org to my other self and re-join the collective TEST hive-mind. Had a kick ass org name, so didn't want it taken. I...
  3. Patrick Spaceman

    RIP David Prowse MBE

    Sad news on the passing of our favorite Uncle, David. Thankyou for bringing the intimidating Lord Vader to life on screen.
  4. Patrick Spaceman

    Mining Bug - Refinery Console

    "Bank error in your favor, collect $200" Since picking up a Prospector, I decided to run the ship like a business. I set up a spreadsheet put on my P / L columns and listed capital expenditures like ship upgrades, and also included running cost's such as fuel, repairs etc. I've only had two...
  5. Patrick Spaceman

    IAE Shopping List - Complete.

    Credit card took a beating, but shopping is done and less than $15 over budget. I highly recommend using a spreadsheet to do all of this..anyway my fleet before and after. (Oh beautiful I love you x x ). The little thing over the far right is a Nox Kue. I made the mistake of...
  6. Patrick Spaceman

    Fleet View Website

    For those unaware (Like I was ten minutes ago), there's a site that turns your fleet into a handy dandy chart..
  7. Patrick Spaceman

    Nothing to see here

    How do I delete this? I double posted the fleet view post. Since i'm unsure of how to delete this post, I have edited it with a picture of a kitten, so your time here wasn't totally wasted. I apologize. Now as promised. The cute kitten.
  8. Patrick Spaceman

    Decoupled Landings

    Found this video while cruising through YouTube, landing ASMR. Also handy tips top to help land and look like you know what you're doing. I decided to post it after he flew a Cat into a hanger and landed it backwards at the last moment, then landed a Cutlass while not even in it... View...
  9. Patrick Spaceman

    Mass Effect Trilogy....It's Back Baby!

    Official news broke last week on N7 day. The Mass Effect - Legendary Edition is now a thing! (Spring 2021) View: From Bioware "Not remake or reimagine, but modernize the experience so players can experience it in it's best possible form. 4K Ultra...
  10. Patrick Spaceman

    Something new on a trip to Hurston

    Went to Hurston earlier from Area 18, punched into QT.. Almost all the way to Hurston, I get alarms going off about QT and suddenly i'm, ripped out of QT...i'm thinking soon as i'm ripped out...I hit something...hard...massive explosion, but i'm alive with no radar contact. So...
  11. Patrick Spaceman

    Day of the Vara 2950, Story Contest.

    I submitted a story for the contest, couldn't resist an opportunity to win some jpegs. (free spaceship jpegs are the best spaceship jpegs) Tell me what you think, I was limited to 3600 characters including spaces. ******************************************************* During the infancy of...
  12. Patrick Spaceman

    2020 AnniVERSEary Sale...THIS YEAR!

    2021 AnniVERSEary Sale...(aka "Ramen Noodle Week".....because that's all you can afford after this) Slowly it creeps towards us, hungry and ready to devour credit cards and send us to financial ruin. What ships if any (and if offered), would you pick up? For me: Mercury Star Runner (The...
  13. Patrick Spaceman

    Star Citizen Humour

    I found this channel on Youtube, whilst looking for information on SSD's and NVME's for my new PC. Only a super small channel, but all vids have been either very entertaining or helpful with tech. Currently he only has 59 subscribers, he deserves some subscription love....this one made me...
  14. Patrick Spaceman

    Possible Hacker found within game.

    Saw this post, which had a video clip of what the OP says is evidence of a person hacking. Make of it what you will, but it is interesting, and I asked the OP to post a link to the ticket submitted to CIG...
  15. Patrick Spaceman

    Filk Music, it's a thing.

    Filk music..discovered by accident, after seeing a snippet used once by gamers. This genre is essentially a type of folk music with ties to sci-fi, with everything from traditional folk music with a spin, to space sea-shanty's. Some of it is pure gold. Dawson's Christian View...
  16. Patrick Spaceman

    Walking on sunshine..

    Hello there TEST, I'm a former CIG backer who left then came old org was a mere shadow of themselves, and elements of the survivors took a turn in a direction I didn't want to be a part of (to the point of being told SC is dead move on...this from an org in SC) had a look at active...
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