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  1. Peace88

    Stickers for TEST Ships

    I wish we had this option in game LOL
  2. Peace88

    Help Blind Owl With his Addiction

    Hey fellow Testies, I would like to talk about a very sensitive subject that everyone has been ignoring. Blind Owl's Like Post Addiction. I think we all need to band together for our brother Blind Owl and help him by not liking any of his post from now on. With our love and support maybe he can...
  3. Peace88

    Updated Churchill Speech :)

    On Monday night Stephen Colbert did a skit where he updated the famous Churchill Speech, now I think it's TEST ready :) "We shall fight the dudes on the beaches, we shall fight the bros on the landing grounds, we shall fight the homies in the fields and in the streets. SHAKA BRAH ...
  4. Peace88

    Looking for Herald and Cutlass Blue CCU's

    Got it taken care of, all set now. Thanks for your time :)
  5. Peace88

    Hey Everyone :)

    Hey Everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Nathan. I'm 44 and currently live in the Pacific NW. I have been gaming since 1st edition D&D, and I plan on continuing to game till I die. I am very hard to insult. have a very dry sense of humor, and own the largest Xi'An Dungeon...
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