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  1. Knusum

    Anyone seen a drunk guy recently?

    Welcome to Test! My significant other is also a horse enthusiast which, by extension, means that I am as well :)
  2. Knusum

    Cryogenic sleep for the last 6 years...

    Welcome back :)
  3. Knusum

    3.8 PTU Wave 1: Help us test SOCS!

    Copied from post on Spectrum: Hey everyone, In the next 30 minutes or so (~0135 UTC), we'll be opening up 3.8 PTU Wave 1 for all concierge and subscribers to test our current 3.8 build. Please note that this is not going to be a normal PTU experience, this is a stress test for Server-side OCS...
  4. Knusum

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    I have never visited the states, but i really like the idea of visiting Vegas. I like gambling, but i get upset when i lose $50 in a friendly game of poker with friends. Yesterday i bought an Aries (listed price plus 25% VAT because Denmark) out of the blue because of BRRRRRRRRT!. Its funny how...
  5. Knusum

    Holiday 2019 Contest

    I am down for anything, i have a few possible ships that could be useful. I am on GMT +1 though, so it really depends on when people want to do something.
  6. Knusum

    We are the knights that say "BRRRRRRRRT " - Bambooza

    We are the knights that say "BRRRRRRRRT " - Bambooza
  7. Knusum

    New Star Citizen Ship: ARES (Video)

    BRRRRRRRRRRRT! Im grabbing that for posterity! They need to know!
  8. Knusum

    New Star Citizen Ship: ARES (Video)

    I have been flying around an Aurora with gatlings just for the BRRRRT! It may be my imagination, but the BRRRT! sounds better in an aurora to me than in a Freelancer MIS- maybe because two of the guns are right below the cockpit.
  9. Knusum

    New Star Citizen Ship: ARES (Video)

    BRRRRRRRRT! I am so hyped for the Inferno. It may or may not be shit, but as long as that gun has a beefy sound for the pilot and anyone you are shooting at in atmosphere, im sold.
  10. Knusum

    Hello. My name is Knusum, and i am a starship addict.

    I have been following starcitizen since 2014 and decided to buy my starterpackage in 2015ish. I cant really remember, it doesnt matter. Since then, the addiction took hold, and i have added many more ships to my collection. I hail from the land of Denmark, country of bacon and fairytales by H.C...
  11. Knusum

    CIG raised $800,000 on first day of Ares sale

    #MeToo ... BRRRRRRRRRRT!
  12. Knusum

    Crusader Ares - Stats live

    Counterpoint: BRRRRRRRT! :)
  13. Knusum

    Here's the Crusader Ares

    I dont care about its DPS compared to other ships. Rule of cool- i just bought the inferno for the giant BRRRRRRRRT :)
  14. Knusum

    Here's the Crusader Ares

    I am looking at that S7 gatling and cant stop drooling
  15. Knusum

    Crusader Ares - Stats live

    The stats just became available. The ship comes in two versions. 1) Ion - 1 S7 laser, 4 x S5 missiles, 3 x S3 shields and 2 x S2 powerplants 2) Inferno 1 S7 Ballistic Gatling gun, 4 x S5 missiles, 2 x S2 shields + Hvy armor and 1 x S2 power plant. They are not yet flyable
  16. Knusum

    Holiday 2019 Contest

    Caterpillar and a bunch of Auroras?
  17. Knusum

    For all you cargo haulers or wanna be cargo haulers

    If you havent seen it already take a look at this post about supply and demand. It is a diagram that tells you the supply and demand of all commodities for all locations pr. minute. This is for 3.7. No idea if it will change for 3.8
  18. Knusum

    For all you cargo haulers or wanna be cargo haulers

    Yep, there is basically an endless supply of diamonds there, and you can put down right in front of the entrance if you are carefull. Its Gim Hex that wont give me a landing permit, Tram & Myers doesnt have a pad at all. I think the pad is technically too small for a Starfarer, but "if it fits...
  19. Knusum

    For all you cargo haulers or wanna be cargo haulers

    I run diamonds from Tram & Myers Mining on Cellin to Grim Hex in my Starfarer. They wont give you a landing permit, but you can fit on the largest pad and they wont fine you, and i havent have them store my ship yet even though they threaten to do it over comms. There isn't an atmo to speak of...
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