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  1. Knusum

    3.8 PTU Wave 1: Help us test SOCS!

    Copied from post on Spectrum: Hey everyone, In the next 30 minutes or so (~0135 UTC), we'll be opening up 3.8 PTU Wave 1 for all concierge and subscribers to test our current 3.8 build. Please note that this is not going to be a normal PTU experience, this is a stress test for Server-side OCS...
  2. Knusum

    Hello. My name is Knusum, and i am a starship addict.

    I have been following starcitizen since 2014 and decided to buy my starterpackage in 2015ish. I cant really remember, it doesnt matter. Since then, the addiction took hold, and i have added many more ships to my collection. I hail from the land of Denmark, country of bacon and fairytales by H.C...
  3. Knusum

    Crusader Ares - Stats live

    The stats just became available. The ship comes in two versions. 1) Ion - 1 S7 laser, 4 x S5 missiles, 3 x S3 shields and 2 x S2 powerplants 2) Inferno 1 S7 Ballistic Gatling gun, 4 x S5 missiles, 2 x S2 shields + Hvy armor and 1 x S2 power plant. They are not yet flyable
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