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  1. stockish

    Klescher Rehab Blues

    I got bored and rewrote the Johnny Cash song Folsom Prison Blues to the relatable tune of the Star Citizen universe and our new lovely vacation facility on the enigmatic planet of Aberdeen. I hear the ship a comin' It's flyin' 'round the bend, And I ain't seen the sunshine Since, I don't know...
  2. stockish

    Apollo 13 In Real Time

    Someone took the time to get a lot of audio and video tapes from the Apollo 13 mission and put them in chronological order so you can follow the mission in real time, 7 hours from now the incident happens.
  3. stockish

    Discord Increasing Streaming and Screen Share Views

    If you happen to be a part of a large group or class and they are looking for an alternative to help share information for work or classes while the COVID-19 issue is still ongoing, Discord for the time being is increasing the capacity from 10 to 50 to accommodate those who may need it. View...
  4. stockish

    C&C Remastered News

    Today some news was dropped about the C&C Remastered collection soundtrack, plus a trailer reveal coming tomorrow. For all of us that grew up with this series this is awesome, especially as so many of those involved made the original and came back to do this! View...
  5. stockish

    TEST Arrow

    Finally saw that the Arrow arrived today so now I am looking at paints for it, decided to make it TEST colored so I hit up GamesWorkshop and decided to go with these! With a new work schedule I should have a few days to get it mostly assembled next week and paint what I can as well...
  6. stockish

    Carrack Flyable

    Carrack going live today it seems, new package prices and standalone options available in the store Info about possible free upgrade to expedition skin coming as well...
  7. stockish

    Satisfactory Update 3

    Coffee Stain Games finally pushed out Update 3 to Satisfactory | | and I know a few other TESTies play it and was wondering if we could make a TESTfactory of epic proportions and failure! Currently it is only on Epic Games Store, but will soon be out on...
  8. stockish

    Holiday 2019 Contest According to the new This Week In SC released today on December 9th, there will be a holiday contest announcement Friday and these usually involve screenshots and whatnot. I was thinking we get enough people...
  9. stockish

    My Google Stadia Thoughts

    So I purchased the Google Stadia the week it was announced because it was something different for the streaming media world, after a few days with it this week I decided to share my thoughts and try my best to give a good review of it that hopefully puts those on the fence to either get it or...
  10. stockish

    A Game You Never Knew You Needed!

    Yes this is a real thing, if only the food was as good as the marketing!
  11. stockish

    Star Trek Picard

    There was a new trailer released for Star Trek: Picard at SDCC! View:
  12. stockish

    Streamdeck Profiles

    Do we have a repository of Elgato Streamdeck profiles? with the release of Streamdeck XL and its 32 buttons, I think it will be a good way to supplement GameGlass as well.
  13. stockish

    PC help

    So recently (like yesterday basically) my PC decided it wanted to act like Chernobyl and go critical on CPU temperatures, so I come here hopefully seeing if anyone has some insight into this issue. Run down of my problem, I turn on PC and ~5-10 minutes the CPU temps show 100*C and the fans and...
  14. stockish

    Raising Kratos

    The studio behind God of War released a documentary that goes behind the scenes of making the game, and it is such a beautiful piece of work! It even draws out the feels towards the end, if you don't have a PS4 you are missing out! View:
  15. stockish

    [WTB] Aegis Saber Raven

    So I have been noticing a lot of these threads showing up on Reddit since the codes are about to expire, and I would much rather give the benefit to a fellow forum member. So if you have one or know someone with one who wants to sell for close to $70 which seems to be the middle asking price let...
  16. stockish

    Hello All!

    Hey Guys, I go by Stockish and just wanted to stop by and say hello! Just got back into this recently now that it is all stable and there seems to be quite a bit to do (despite being finicky at times) and I bought the new Anvil Arrow and Anvil Valkyrie and have been enjoying them immensely...
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