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  1. Photonz_SC

    FPS - World Gaming

    All this is in Dual Universe , been a ton of fun playing DU while waiting for SC to sell me more non existent ships.
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  3. Photonz_SC

    Fleet Repository

  4. Photonz_SC

    Fleet Repository

    More changes but this is it till some new ships get released.
  5. Photonz_SC

    Space is BIG , population density discussion.

    ! This is all napkin based math theory and speculation but it does give some perspective ! 😃 How populated is space going to be ? So right now we have roughly 2.5 million backers , let's say down the road we have 15 million players after retail launch. (At its peak in October 2010 World of...
  6. Photonz_SC

    Fleet Repository

    Still deciding what fighter to get with 300$ in store credit yet to spend.
  7. Photonz_SC

    Scheduled Download

    its possible , you would have to leave your pc on and it won't be easy. you could use and some kind of program scheduler to kick it off and end it , to do it all for you while away from keyboard . but will be a lot of work and hassle.
  8. Photonz_SC

    Survey: What is the FLAGSHIP in you fleet ?

    Probably Crucible for me , nice mobile base to drop anywhere and work out of.
  9. Photonz_SC

    Whats the deal with prospector mining ?

    at most 2 to 4 % of 2 or 3 things in a rock , i think i saw one at 7% .
  10. Photonz_SC

    Whats the deal with prospector mining ?

    same for me today , almost all the rocks i fractured rolled away and went poof , and i would be left with maybe 20% in cargo . i found the whole process very grindy , just need to find the credits per hour of fun that fits what you like to do.
  11. Photonz_SC

    RSI Mantis Thread - Tuesday update posted - New Pics and Article inside, Page 10

    Probably going to have weak weapons and armor , won't want to be caught alone in it . People will probably KOS that ship as much as possible also , and if EMP disrupts it then i find it even weaker . maybe 150$ but more than that no thanks , but then again not interested in it.
  12. Photonz_SC

    SpudNyk's Buybacks for TESTies

    Ships claimed to my hangar , thanks for the smooth transaction sir !
  13. Photonz_SC

    SpudNyk's Buybacks for TESTies

    payment sent 🙂
  14. Photonz_SC

    SpudNyk's Buybacks for TESTies

    got it , good to go. PM sent.
  15. Photonz_SC

    SpudNyk's Buybacks for TESTies

    @SpudNyk Hey I would like to get these from you if they are available? I sent you a PM also with my email and SC handle. Argo Combo Pack - LTI - $70 - LTI Aegis Retaliator Base - $150 - LTI
  16. Photonz_SC


    Cuz that's what I will be when I get blown up in the vastness of SC space. I'm old , been PC gaming since Doom on a 386 with my uber 4 megs of ram and a 70 meg hard drive . Enjoyed years of SWG and WOW , I've been flight simming for 25 years , love DCS and IL2 1946. I have played all the Arma...
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