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  1. Scape

    Wish i had recorded it😤

    The few hours i get to jump into the verse are usually a quiet affair, i'm ROC mining my way up atm to buy a prospector. I jump in for an hour or two, mine then sell and leave. But a few nights ago i had a random encounter that was the most fun i have had in the verse in a long time. so if you...
  2. Scape

    The Pigeon Recruiting Officer

    It may seem a bit random but I found a few old cassette tapes of my Grandfather on BBC Radio Wales back in 1991, talking about how he was responsible for choosing Carrier Pigeons during the war... I have now Digitized it. Just wondering if anyone has similar stories about their family that they...
  3. Scape

    A very Informative Thread

    This is my cat
  4. Scape

    Circle Jerk?

    "Circle Jerk" is a pejorative slang term referring to a positive feedback loop which occurs when an idea, belief or meme that is already customary within an online community becomes re-iterated and rewarded in a perpetual cycle, giving rise to redundancy, clichés and karma whoring. This...
  5. Scape

    Mercury Shape Change

    I heared some people talking about the mercury has changed shape at the front but then i see a tweet from Fleetyards that shows its more than just the Double chin under the cockpit. Middle engine is gone, the wingspan seems shorter and the overall length looks as lot more "compact". Paul...
  6. Scape

    Anthem 2.0

    Apparently Anthem is getting a complete redesign and re-invention in massive updates in order to address the numerous problems the original launch had. I enjoyed alot about the...
  7. Scape

    1st Year

    Been 1 year since i purchased my First Aurora and joined the BEST gaming community on the Internet, in that time i can honestly say that there is not a single TEST member that hasnt been friendly, welcoming and fun. Thanks Guys and the Pleasure is Still Mine
  8. Scape

    SC Vinyl Soundtrack

    Does anyone know if there are plans to have physical releases of the soundtrack? All i can find is a digital download for $10 but im starting to collect video game vinyls and would gladly pay $30-40 for a vinyl copy, im guessing they will release CD"s because.... Why wouldnt they.
  9. Scape

    Bill Gates Backs Plan to Block out the Sun Found this interesting this morning. As clever as it sounds I cant help feeling that this is just another 'Brilliant' idea that is probably never going to...
  10. Scape

    Medical Logo and stuff

  11. Scape


    Just wondering how good some people's Javelin's from Anthem look. I only played a few hours but i know some people have been putting lots of hours into it. Interested to see how good the customization becomes at higher levels. (If a similar thread exists please tell me, i didnt see one)
  12. Scape

    Whats behind him??

    My little eye caught something behind Forrest on Around the that a TEST plaque?
  13. Scape

    Check your TESTies

    *Re-Edited* I put the poster back up.....Montoya demanded it.
  14. Scape

    10 Min Propaganda

    i was bored so had a play on Photoshop :
  15. Scape

    Golden Oldies

    Right so I woke up and for some reason I have a strange urge to start an older game. I'm thinking Baulder's gate or Diablo 2.....Neverwinter Nights. Something like that. I'm after to suggestions...?
  16. Scape

    Map Rework

    I cant vouch for anyone else but the one thing i just dont get on with is the star map, often its hard to orientate and work out whats where. Its a light blue colour and quite opaque and I know alot of people have no trouble with it and whilst using mobiglass keep it just as it is....for on the...
  17. Scape

    Planet Bound

    Just thinking that if i wanted too, i could just buy ground vehicles and never leave whichever planet i wanted to live on. Literally never leave the ground again. Set up shop somewhere and scrape out a a big waste but i could do it. Seeing how focused the PU is on exploration...
  18. Scape


    Hi guys I'm really glad to be apart.....even a very small part of TEST. I'm from South Wales UK and it's so very wet and cold😣.... like most people I heard about TEST from Montoya on YouTube but to be honest I never realised just how cool the Org was until I started to look into it a bit...
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