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  1. Shadow Reaper

    Best Stealth Transport

    I'm not a transport pilot kinda guy, but someone here grabbed my interest the other day when talking about using the Carrack to fly transport. That made me wonder if I were to keep a cargo ship just for single player time to keep my cash supply up, what would I fly? This began an investigation...
  2. Shadow Reaper

    Sledge or Strife anybody?

    I'm just curious who is flying the smaller Ballistic Cannons? Last I heard the contention over them being overpowered, then underpowered, then screwed up, then back as original, had kinda faided by making them what they were but less of what they were. So they got a speed increase but the...
  3. Shadow Reaper

    erkul conversations

    So I'm curious, does anyone know if the limited data in erkul is correct on radars? It says Vaguard have 2 S2 radar, Cutties have 3 S2 radar (count me jealous), and Tally's have 6 S2 Radar. Is a huge surprise given the ships page says nothing about multiple radars, just what size.
  4. Shadow Reaper

    Roadmap Update

  5. Shadow Reaper

    Fixing the Polaris

    So, I wanna whine some. I'm not happy with the Polaris as designed. Here are the four fixes I think it needs. 1) It needs 2 Large fuel tanks. 2 Medium fuel tanks is stupid. This is a Corvette, not a tending vehicle. My guess is this was a mistake and they intended L tanks. Basically 2/3 the...
  6. Shadow Reaper

    Ships and more ships. . .what's the biggest you remember?

    No cheating. Put down the answer to what is the biggest spaceship you can recall before watching the vid. View:
  7. Shadow Reaper

    Sim Pit Level Up

  8. Shadow Reaper

    ". . .all your base are belong to us."

    Interesting discussion on FB in the SC group. Someone noted his goal and expectation is to steal a Kracken and make it his pirate base. How would you defend, or counterattack to retake your Kraken? How would you avoid it becoming a constant battle over the same ship each day?
  9. Shadow Reaper

    for fans of Ahsoka

  10. Shadow Reaper

    The Call of the Mighty

    So who has tried out the new fixed weapon assist and is flying a fixed S5 ballistic? How well does it shred? When do we get an S5 ballistic gattling?
  11. Shadow Reaper

    Choosing a Home Defense Weapon

    Gun sales are up everywhere. Several friends have asked me about recommending a firearm for home safety, so I thought I'd cross post this here. My recommendation is the Keltec KSG 12 gauge shotgun for these reasons: 1) The 12 ga shotgun is the best home defense weapon because it is easy to...
  12. Shadow Reaper

    Vanguard Carrier?

    I'm staring at the Kraken, and because the Vanguard have the very narrow landing gear up front, it appears to me Vanguards will fit on the 4 small landing pads. What do you think? If it sits, it fits? Looks to me they'll fit, though the Cutty would not because it's landing gear is so wide...
  13. Shadow Reaper

    You've got crabs

    Me: I do not. Haven't had that since Dorell, and the Ginny sisters, wh. . . Owl: No, really; we've got crabs
  14. Shadow Reaper

    3.10 uncoupled Hovermode

    So lets see the vids of your piloting skills. I especially want to see how the Vanguards handle close to the ground. Looks like the Space Turtle rocks. View:
  15. Shadow Reaper

    So fess up, who has shot the new Sledge and what did you think?

    Supposed to be S1,2&3 versions now.
  16. Shadow Reaper

    Greycat ROC

    View: If you want to add mining to your Connie, etc. . .
  17. Shadow Reaper

    On the Horizon: the Hull C !!!

    For comparison, the Hull C has a Large Q drive, same as the Cat, but hauls about 8X as much. I was very surprised to find the spine down the center of the extended frame is traversable. Nice ship that some say is the largest Hull that can be handled by one person. Same max crew size as the...
  18. Shadow Reaper

    3:10 is live!

    In the PTU.
  19. Shadow Reaper

    all things drones

  20. Shadow Reaper

    TEST Treasure Chests

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