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  1. Han Burgundy

    [Video] Star Wars: Squadrons w/ full VR cockpit (A-Wing)

    I've just been getting my VR space legs in Squadrons and I figured the stuff I was capturing for tactics review ended up looking pretty damn sweet, so I decided to start posting some of it for the world to enjoy. Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to fly the little A-Wing fighter model...
  2. Han Burgundy

    Birth of a Jedi...(UberShort Story)

    In the lead up to getting started on my second book, I did a lot of writing workshop type exercises to keep my craft sharp. I had a couple of them turn out pretty cool and figured it would be a shame to let them rot in my practice folder, so I figured; Why the hell not share some? So here's one...
  3. Han Burgundy

    A night on the town with the Admiral and a rand-0

    Monday night was a shopping trip to remember, as @Zapp Brannigan and I adopted a new backer from the food court at New Babbage to accompany us on our mission to buy some black and yellow. We have done this plenty of times before, but last night was made extra-cool by the fact that VOIP was...
  4. Han Burgundy

    -*Shameless Plug*-

    Those of you who remember the Star Citizen novel I wrote (The Aimless Expedition) might be interested to know that I finally got my first book published on Amazon! Are you someone who enjoyed 80’s action movies but are also keenly aware of the fact that...
  5. Han Burgundy

    Nightvision canopy overlay

    Elite Dangerous apparently has a cool night vision overlay function now that looks pretty useful. You think something like this will be/should be in Star Citizen? Reddit thread is here
  6. Han Burgundy

    Celebrating my 235th year as a TESTie

    Ah, I remember it like it were yesterday. Montoya pulled up to my house on his horse whilst on his usual rounds to collect the dead and asked me if I had heard of Star Citizen. I couldn't read at the time, but wanted to fit in, so naturally I lied and said 'Yes'. He went on to ask me if I would...
  7. Han Burgundy

    The Awakening....

    My god, it has begun! The Awakening is upon us! The Great White North is descending to end the colonys' little experiment! The end is nigh!!! REPENT! WE'RE SORRY!!!
  8. Han Burgundy

    My Star Citizen novel: The Aimless Expedition is now available

    Ahoy, fellow TESTies! The moment that, like seven of you, have ALL been waiting for has finally arrived! I am proud to present to you, a day earlier than anywhere else, the full PDF and eBook release of my book (for free, of course) Please take a look at my labor of love (ITS ABOUT A CARRACK...
  9. Han Burgundy

    Anyone have a good address to mail something to Chris Roberts??

    So, I made a thing*. And I want to send that thing to Chris Roberts. I know some of you other crazy kids have mailed him stuff in the past, so does anyone have a good address for me to use? *A novel. I wrote a Star Citizen novel.
  10. Han Burgundy

    Which ship do you think you could best recreate the Millennium Falcon with?

    The Lego thread got me thinking...which is dangerous. I often ask myself; "Hey, Han. Lookin good, smellin' fresh. Listen, buddy, I've got a question for ya...What is it that you want to be in the verse?" Would you believe me if I said that I told me that I aim to for my play-style to emulate...
  11. Han Burgundy

    We are Nox [email protected]%Kin' around here, guys... have you guys heard about that new space bike?
  12. Han Burgundy

    Neat fleet building tool (And my Idris crippling Strike Package)

    Saw this neat little tool on Reddit and I figured I'd drop it here too. was made by a gentleperson by the name of Jo3blank. Its fun to play around with. I was messing around building different strike packages and whatnot and discovered that I had been at it for an...
  13. Han Burgundy

    Merchantman fan club theorycrafting pow-wow...

    So I've been doing some thinking on the Banu Merchantman, and I would like to hear your guys and gals' juiciest theorycraftings on it. How do you plan to use it? How do you plan to pay the bills? Who is gonna crew it? What is your ultimate quest, and how will this ship help you on your...
  14. Han Burgundy

    NPC crew: Slave labor or Daddy's little helpers?

    With yesterday's ATV, we learned a little bit more about what to expect from AI and NPC crew members. It seems that they are putting a lot of thought into NPC skill and the progression of that skill as you use them. Will this lead TESTies to care more for their crew? Or do you plan to keep your...
  15. Han Burgundy

    Fun piloting tips for wayward TESTies

    Here is a list of wise thoughts on the subject of piloting aircraft. I have a feeling that some of these tips will come in handy for you lot of drunken miscreants.... Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory. If you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger. If you pull...
  16. Han Burgundy

    Requesting the TEST bump!

    Good evening, my fellow TESTies. I am but a humble writer for our esteemed TESTie Times and I come with a simple request. I wrote The Aimless Expedition, which is a story currently running in The TESTie Times, and I posted it to Reddit as well today. It hasn't received many views (Posted it at a...
  17. Han Burgundy

    Han Burgundy's craptastical stream extravaganza!!!

    Good evening, my fellow TESTies! I would like to cordially invite you all to partake in a historic and if shitty very possibly once in a lifetime live stream event. It will be my very first crack at this whole streaming business, so swing by and hurl some obscenities at me! I will jump into a...
  18. Han Burgundy

    Flight of the StarFarers credit-grind extravaganza EVENT!!

    Greetings Ladies and Gents, 2.5 is upon us, and you know what that means! Mandatory poverty for everyone! (YaaaY) What I propose may be a tad tricky (depending on how the servers want to treat a group of people) But I have been wanting to hop on discord with a group of TESTies to fully crew a...
  19. Han Burgundy

    Forum Background image

    The other day when I was watching the 3.0 presentation I was blown away with how pretty they had managed to make everything. Any chance we can update our old stale forum background image to show some of the new aesthetic? Fresh hype=Fresh look? /$0.02
  20. Han Burgundy

    I want to believe....

    I had a dream last night that awoke a calling, so embedded into the deepest corners of my soul, that I just couldn't shake it. I dreamt that there was a hybrid creature that exhibited the characteristics of both a bear and a deer, aptly named the "Beer" [Yes, I know everyone is already aware of...
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