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  1. OzarkHippy

    T-16000m FCS Hotas / Rudder Pedal Setup

    Hi I just installed a new Thrustmaster joystick with throttle and rudder pedals. I'm looking for some setup help. Ideally a step by step setup guide would be great. Im not sure what action to set to what button. I guess if I could down load an already made profile that would be great. I'm not...
  2. OzarkHippy

    Subscriber question

    If I become a subscriber today will I be able to get into 3.0 after that? Thanks
  3. OzarkHippy

    Will we be able to create safe spots in a system?

    Like you can in EVE.
  4. OzarkHippy

    New player struggling with vandel swarm

    Hi everyone So I'm fairly new to the game, and I'm trying to get a kill in the single player vanduul swarm. I'm still in the mustang a. Question is should I be able to get kills with the Mustang or should I upgrade to a better ship? Or should I just keep practicing. Im having a hard time just...
  5. OzarkHippy

    Greetings Everyone

    Where you from stranger? The Ozarks What drew you to Star Citizen? The awesomness of the game I guess. I played EVE for about 6 years and just got burned out. What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc) All of it but mostly Exploration What was the first game...
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