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  1. CosmicTrader

    Notes from the Monthly Report

    ** Notes from the Monthly Report ** - The artists finalized the concepts of two armor sets planned for the second half of the year and several backpacks for Alpha 3.14. - The Constellation Taurus reached the final-art phase and is currently tracking for a quarter-two release. The finishing...
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    Ask the Chairman.......that would be Chris Roberts.

    My questions is number 12.....
  3. CosmicTrader

    OMG - Chris Roberts makes an appearance in Spectrum
  4. CosmicTrader

    Invictus Launch Week Guide

    Oh Yeah......
  5. CosmicTrader

    Tired of Pad Ramming? or Stream Sniping?

    Thought you might like this post.....
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    Roadmap Roundup - January 24th, 2020 - Highlights

    ** Roadmap Roundup - January 24th, 2020 - Highlights** --------------------------------- *** The following cards have been added to the Roadmap under the Alpha 3.9 Column: *** 1. New...
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    Time just flies when you are having fun. LOL

    ------------------------------------- I remember my introduction into Evocati and the PTU. ------------------------------------ PTU First Launched -- 21 Jan 2015 -------------------------------------...
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    A summary of Star Citizen Live's Todd Papy Q&A for 3.6

    A summary of Star Citizen Live's Todd Papy Q&A for 3.6 LINK is at the bottom........ View:
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    Happy 51st Birthday to Chris Roberts

    Chris Roberts (born May 27, 1968) Born in Redwood City, California He grew up in Manchester, England Thank you Chris.................Happy Birthday.
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    Free Fly Week -- May 1st to May 8th

    Two links with the info..... Enjoy.
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    [3.5 Feedback] Feedback Survey and Overview

    This is Very, Very, Very IMPORTANT Please take the time to fill in as many forms as you can & be honest. Take your time......this does NOT have to be done immediately.. Use it like the IC... This info is your Best Friend in getting game play the way you/we want it...
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    Star Citizen | RTX, AI, System Specs | Interview | Brian Chambers | English

  13. CosmicTrader

    Original 2012 SC/SQ42 Kickstarter video

    For all those new to Star Citizen and us old Geezers who just like to remember & reminisce. I never get tired of watching this........I hope you all like it. Oh yeah --- Thank you for all your Pledges.....and help in making this dream come true. *** For those that are willing to read...
  14. CosmicTrader

    Quantum Drives explained by Chris Roberts

    Yes, it is TL:DR but is worth the time........ --------------------------------- Please Upvote my comment to Chris Roberts in his post...
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    ATTENTION --- FOIP not working? This may be the problem.

    Although I am not using FOIP at present, Many people are having problems getting SC to recognise their camera. I found this post on the SC subReddit and thought that it was worthy of passing on. (Not a lot of info on Reddit is. HA HA) CLICK THE LINK View...
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    The New Flight Model coming in 3.4

    This is the observations & personal opinions of someone that got to experience the NEW Flight Model that we will be getting starting with 3.4 in December. All you Fighter Pilots should be especially interested in this. Many changes are coming and as before, it will take a few days to adjust to...
  17. CosmicTrader

    Tony Z. Design Panel

    This is truly worth your time to listen to. Tony Zurovec is the 'brains' behind the Persistant Universe of Star Citizen. (I found his ideas regarding crimes & punishment especially interesting) Do you have any Comments? Please share them here.
  18. CosmicTrader

    How OCS works - From Jump Point magazine.

    I love the explaination of OCS in the Jump Point magazine.
  19. CosmicTrader

    In my Humble (well okay) opinion

    OUTSTANDING Article - A MUST read Please comment below on what you found most interesting - or not.....
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