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  1. Shive

    LF D&D 5e DM for online session, roll20 or equivalent (ONLINE)

    Timezone/time probably has to fall around morning/noon for americans, and evenings for europeans. Send me a message if interested :D
  2. Shive

    SHIP LOADOUTS - Repository

    Main tool: ANVIL HURRICANE - Long Range Zoom and Boom loadout:
  3. Shive

    Hey guys, just testing if I can still post

    Did it workeded? If so, pls ignore.
  4. Shive

    Yo, I made an idea-thread on RSI for a highly requested hairstyle please check it out
  5. Shive


    Do you want to lead people? We have divisions set up with leaders for now. Actual leaders will rise naturally in the game, so if you have friends you wanna take out to do X, go ahead, and with experience we'll help set you up for something larger. However, an actual official position like...
  6. Shive

    Got a free weekend for SC around august 19th? Join this!

    The original pitch sounded something like: "CRUX CUP 2947 Sign Ups now open! We have a total prize pool of over USD$1500 split over three racing catagories. Visit to sign up today!" This is the third year in a row they do this. It's been cozy every time. There's a large...
  7. Shive

    5 Different Races in Star Citizen

    Hey Toast Squadron, I've spent a day making this video about some different races coming up in the game. Please enjoy :) - Shive
  8. Shive

    A game idea on RSI on colored jets! halp? :)

    Heya guys! I made this post on RSI: "Customize Jet Colours" If you have time to spare, please go to the link, read about the game idea, and if you like it, please say so in the thread. If you don't like it -...
  9. Shive

    A high quality BAD Old Vanderval Guide by Shive [Video]

    Guys, I've had exactly 89 subs for almost a year, and last time I checked, I had 88. I don't care who does it, but someone has to fill that hole! Like, I'm not even begging, I am straight up demanding. Ofc, I'll do something in return like, bind your shoelaces, rub your backs or perhaps cook you...
  10. Shive

    Made a new racing video

    Hiho, fresh video here from 2.3.1 =) Just recorded and edited it. Thaaaanks <3
  11. Shive

    This is actually On topic, but it seems kinda off topic, so I put it here too

    Hello Friendies of Test. I put this idea in because I rly like the idea of having horses in SC, please, read about my thread and game idea HERE If you don't like the idea, at least try to point out the parts which you like and that'll be a great help, thanks.
  12. Shive


    Hey guys, here's my post. Please like and subscribe.
  13. Shive

    Two Week Racing Course - Got a job offer... This is cancelled xD

    I AM RACE TEACHER SHIVE I'd like to start a rather intense racing course for anyone with the will to join. Roughly 2 hours per day, for 2 weeks. See details below. Proof of concept: Started with Arranging Stars 4 days Prior to this post, and she's gone from 6:45min laps to 1:06min laps (her...
  14. Shive

    Racing Division - POLL: Vote for our logo - 6 variants.

    Poll pictures (CLICKY for big picture!): 1 2 3 4 5 6 (The text will be changed to "Test Racing") Hi and welcome folks to Test Racing* *place holder (sry for the yellow text if anyone uses white background?) We're going official! Montoya and staff blesses the racing...
  15. Shive

    Recruitment challenge

    The challenge is not for the individual, but for us as a group, for us united to stand together and win. The goal: Go to this persons profile-page: Hit the button called "message" Now... describe to this person Why they should join...
  16. Shive

    Your opinion. What's acceptable on mumble?

    Hello and welcome. This thread is one of those few threads where I require you sober, so we can have a good healthy conversation. Disclaimer: This thread is not targeted against any one single individual, this is purely an attempt to establish an organization-wide agreement upon what kind of...
  17. Shive

    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Basically this thread is about not getting likes. The winner is the guy without a like. This thread is counter-response to Munken's thread, which is obviously destroying the whole forums by creating an inflation in likes. It's a very serious issue, especially for us who has shares in likes!
  18. Shive

    TEST redefined ★New Class Unlocked★

    There has been a new word from ADI, but before I let you read it, I'll have you know, that this is a game changer right here. All you ever thought you were - FORGET IT, you've now become one of the ultimate species: <begin message from Atlas Defense> <end message> It's on... Fellow...
  19. Shive

    Racing This is our division chat for now...

    EDIT!: EDIT!: We have an actual division group now in the groups tab in the top left of the forums Wish we could just have made a group chat on RSI, but that stuff is bugging and featureless :( ra Need someone to race with? ra Need help? Got tips...
  20. Shive

    Magic the gathering

    So does anyone play magic the gathering? and would they be interested in playing it through Cockatrice? Basicly Cockatrice is just a board with no fancy graphics and no rule-enforcement. It's much like playing the game in real life in that regard. There's access to pretty much every card and...
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