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  1. Myre

    Celebrating 5 Years at TEST!

    Wow I can't believe I've been a part of this awesome org for so long. To five more!
  2. Myre

    We're almost there to unlock the Nautilus In-Game Flair!

    4 days remain to unlock the Nautilus in-game flair! all you have to do is visit this link and play some PvP minesweeper!
  3. Myre

    TEST Euro Ops - Sunday 1

    Hey all, I'll be setting up some group PvP events this Sunday for all those that are interested (Euro-friendly time) If you're interested in large team based ground battles and other events with your fellow TESTies just show up on the TEST Squadron Discord and join in! Info Unless it is...
  4. Myre

    TEST PvP OP Highlights!

    Just a few shots from Tonight's Star Citizen shenanigans! [Monday August 12th] We had twelve or so TESTies with us Tonight! Was a lot of fun putting together a series of neat events with Montoya and the gang (Capture The Hammerhead, Raid the Starfarer & Base raiding!) Last pic is of winners...
  5. Myre

    Had a great session tonight running PVP OPs in the PU! We should organise them more frequently!

    Tonight was a lot of fun running simple PvP operations on Crusader's moons! This event was unscheduled and just happened because there were a bunch of TESTies in the Discord doing their own thing. Who would be up for doing these more often? I think these will continue to happen unscheduled most...
  6. Myre

    Made a quick 5 minute tutorial for FOIP!

    Hey guys! Made a quick tutorial for FOIP! View: I'll probably make a new one showcasing VOIP whenever that comes online. Cheers!
  7. Myre

    Bulkheads: Episode 05 - tabernus in terra [Star Citizen Machinima]

    It's out! Our new episode is out! View: Bulkheads: Episode 05 - tabernus in terra [Star Citizen Machinima] _________________________ Support this project through Patreon: Follow us on twitter...
  8. Myre

    Just a typical day at a TEST Squadron Hangar

  9. Myre

    Bulkheads Episode 3 Is Out Now! Hey guys! 'Bulkheads Episode 3 - quo Occisionis' is now officially live! This one took a lot of time and effort and the whole team is hope you enjoy it! Did you know that there are 3...
  10. Myre

    'Bulkheads: Episode 02 - Quae Iniuriam' is out now!

    Hey guys! The team at Bulkheads has just released Episode 2! Look out below! View: This episode showcases the musical talent of one of our own, @Wakapedia !!! If you enjoyed this episode please do like and sub to...
  11. Myre

    "Bulkheads Short: Airlocks" is now out!

    "This is our first short. These are just (as the name implies) short little videos meant to tell a joke or explain something that wasn't ever explained in our regular episodes. The production time on these is days as opposed to weeks so the quality is a little lower, but it does help fill the...
  12. Myre

    [PSA] "Bulkheads" premiere Wednesday morning at 9AM Eastern!

    Hey guys! A brand new Star Citizen machinima "Bulkheads" is coming to an internet near you tomorrow! I can't spare many details but myself, TEST Gaming's TheAstroPub ( @Bzerker01 ) and one of our newest members @Splicepoint have been part of this FiendishFeather + INN collaboration for a few...
  13. Myre

    MISC Reliant Kore in-hangar Review and concept art comparison!

  14. Myre

    PSA: Signs are Important

  15. Myre

    A pretty cool space game that flew under the radar

    @darjanator Showed me this cool looking game callled Avorion. It looks pretty solid and this album is promising but with just over two days left of it's KickStarter it's going to be tough on them for sure. Check it out! View...
  16. Myre

    My 1600 Follower Milestone Giveaway Event!

    View: Hey guys! Just a quick video describing how to enter to win the TEST Squadron desk mat next week! Best of luck to all! You can find me on from 4pmUTC/12pm ET onward!
  17. Myre

    Olisar Hit and Run

    Random highlight from Today's stream!
  18. Myre

    Enter your ideas for official TEST themed Drinks!

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Drunks and Designated Drivers! Here's a fun opportunity for some creative mixology ;) Rules: Post a picture of your TEST themed drink Give it a name and a recipe! The Black and Yellow (Black and Tan Lager/Stout beer cocktail with an optional two shots of vodka for...
  19. Myre

    Today marks my first anniversary as a TESTie!

    Words can't express what this community has done for me. I'd like to thank each and every person I have met in this organization for one crazy year and I look forward to spending many more with all your shiny faces!
  20. Myre

    This review has me so ready for the Deadpool movie!

    Bring on Valentine's day!
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