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  1. Zeero Kuul

    Division idea: Torpedo Delivery Services

    Well I bought Eclipse, for no reason at all. So I'm in.
  2. Zeero Kuul

    Hello from Siberia

    Ah. Well that happened on EU-Turalyon.
  3. Zeero Kuul

    Hello from Siberia

    Welcome! I knew a guy who played WoW using the character name "Mongol". Then somebody reported his name for being offensive and he had to change it. To this day I'm wondering what's so offensive about "Mongol". One of the greatest mysteries of my life.
  4. Zeero Kuul

    The Aegis Eclipse is coming ( Concept Sale 19 May)

    So, UEEN Area 51 is located in the only known pirate system. Fascinating. Also, Banu would not like seeing this footage.
  5. Zeero Kuul

    Buybacks available :)

    Bought a Gemini to Reclaimer CCU, my first trade but Elmy was really gentle and nice! Thanks!
  6. Zeero Kuul

    Drake Cutlass Weapon Mount

    I have a feeling it's from a Cat, do you guys have a Cat?
  7. Zeero Kuul

    Dont forget your holiday tree for your hangar

    I got it only after logging into the game, not a subscriber.
  8. Zeero Kuul

    Other Help me find a name for TEST Medics

    I vote for TSAR! For no particular reason.
  9. Zeero Kuul

    Do any Testies that play Heroes of the Storm buy the digital Blizzcon ticket and get Cho'gall?

    Sorry for delay, I got Cho'Gall on all servers. If we manage to be online at the same time - zadhead#2877
  10. Zeero Kuul

    Do any Testies that play Heroes of the Storm buy the digital Blizzcon ticket and get Cho'gall?

    The flag kinda gives that away So I just checked. I have Artanis on US but not Diablo, both were "gifted" by Blizzard.
  11. Zeero Kuul

    Do any Testies that play Heroes of the Storm buy the digital Blizzcon ticket and get Cho'gall?

    I'll post my tag later, If they unlock in all regions, I'll play with you.
  12. Zeero Kuul

    [Discussion] It's the Basics, son. Just the Basics.

    Admiral Benson: I slipped on a testie. Who put that testie there? Lt. Commander Block: I don't see any testie, sir. Admiral Benson: Don't tell me. There were two testies. They work in pairs. I went to Annapolis for chrissakes!
  13. Zeero Kuul

    Anyone do mini modeling?

    There are a lot of bells'n'whistles for Salamanders from Forgeworld. And since you decided WH is a great hobby, don't tell me about the price. You can also go with both chapters, Wolves and Salamanders are bros for life anyway.
  14. Zeero Kuul

    TESTies, how did you think up your current handles?

    My name was randomly generated in SW:TOR. The legacy name was actually generated as "Tuul", but I thought it was an honest mistake on Bioware part and corrected it. So everyone here thinks I'm the other guy, the one who likes computers and changing names. Now that I think of it, it does sound...
  15. Zeero Kuul

    Testies, explain your avatar

    Because I'm happy.
  16. Zeero Kuul

    Trying out ESO this Weekend

    It's still not a proper MMO or TES. At least it wasn't one of them back in February.
  17. Zeero Kuul

    Fnatic wins Katowice!

    Oh no, not now, my wounds are still too deep...
  18. Zeero Kuul

    Idea for the perfect anti corporation propaganda

    "It" is a petition. BBC is British Broadcasting Corporation.
  19. Zeero Kuul

    i dislike these guys...

    I bet not everybody is as calm as you. Some part of me always wants to punch that piece of shit in the face, doesn't matter what country he's from.
  20. Zeero Kuul

    i dislike these guys...

    No, I know how to google, I'm just genuinely interested in the reaction.
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