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  1. Hero9012

    So on the illegal occupants missions, did they buff the turrets?

    So I probably just suck, but lately I haven't been able to beat the turrets at these missions. They melt through my shields and I can't even destroy them. I know I'm shooting them but it's like they don't take damage anymore. Did I miss a memo? Any ideas on how to beat them?
  2. Hero9012

    Question about Joysticks/Yolks

    Hey everyone, so I decided I was going to get me a joystick finally! My issue though is I play a lot of MS Flight Simulator 2020. I am currently working on my private license and I was told to get the yolk and start making a set up to practice flying from home. I was just curious if the yolk...
  3. Hero9012

    This one is for the fans of Star Trek

    Alright, so here me out. My dad loves Star Trek. I too, like Star Trek. So my dad got me to start Star Trek Discovery and Piccard. Both good. Except there is one particular thing that upsets me about discovery but I will not go into due to spoilers. ANYWAYS While watching Star Trek Discovery...
  4. Hero9012

    Does anyone have a Valkyrie? Preferably Liberator edition?

    I missed out on this ship during my Leave of Absence, but I was looking to get one? Obviously I'd pay or trade. Much appreciated! I don't even know how much they go for.
  5. Hero9012

    I'm back!

    Hey everyone! I've been gone for a few years. I had quite a bit happen in life. I got moved and settled in to the new place. Built a new computer and I'm ready to be back!
  6. Hero9012

    Thinking about traveling.

    So, the other day I was sitting at home not necessarily miserable but bored. I live in a small town, I've done a lot of partying. Regardless I started to drink and wonder why video games weren't what they used to be. Hear me out, I love my Star Citizen and nothings going to change that, so for...
  7. Hero9012

    Anyone else disappointed with BFV?

    I started playing the open demo, and I've actually never had this bad of an experience playing Battlefield. Keep in mind i'm not counting bugs, glitches, or any of that as part as my experience as they do have time to iron that out. I just mean the overall gameplay, moving, shooting mechanics. I...
  8. Hero9012

    Bar Citizen Tickets?

    I got one, cause alcohol. Anyone else going?
  9. Hero9012

    The Expanse (No Spoilers)

    So, I stopped watching Syfy after they cancelled all the stargate shows, which were my favorite. I watched the Expanse when it was free for Amazon Prime. All I have to do is say, if you aren't watching this show, you had better. I don't know about you guys who watch it, but I have never in my...
  10. Hero9012

    Anyone have a 600i I can borrow to show my friends?

    I am currently playing Star Citizen with my friends I introduced the game too. I currently cannot afford to buy a 600i (because then I will start buying all the ships) but it is the coolest ship I've seen. Just for a few minutes.
  11. Hero9012

    Anyone interested in a Connie Aquilia for $220? List value $310

    I'm getting rid of my aquila, and I kinda promised my girlfriend a trip but I kinda forgot about it just now and I'm looking for some quick bucks. Please let me know! It's the standalone version most recent. 6 months insurance, hangar, and aquila
  12. Hero9012

    Hey guys! Guess who's back!

    So I took a break because I was furthering my career. I was about to go back into the military, but instead I focused on my actual job and plan on going into the national guard by the end of the year. I'm making this post because I saw CitizenCon is going to be in Austin Texas and I figured...
  13. Hero9012

    If you're bored..

    I'm streaming PUBG with some mates sooo if you wanna be my friend
  14. Hero9012

    Huge sell list, but only selling one cause of credit buy back

    So I will be selling a majority of my investments quarterly till they are all gone. Currently I have the Exploration Mega pack for $895 Starfarer Gemini LTI $240 Misc Prospector LTI $140 A redeemer 6month Sabre 6 month Vanguard six month **I also have the Polaris LTI The six months I'm...
  15. Hero9012

    Selling Aegis Sabre 6 month insurance

    Original price is 170, I'm selling for 140 plus whatever pay pal fees if wanted
  16. Hero9012

    WTS Exploration mega pack for original pricing

    I have the exploration mega pack and am selling it for original price of $895. Anyone interested? only thing you have to cover also is the paypal fee which I dunno what it is. I interested let me know!
  17. Hero9012

    Selling a gaming computer

    So, I have a PC that I built that I am selling because I built another one. The components are as follows 16GB Ram i7-4790 intel processor 3.60ghz ASrock Z97 pro3 motherboard A month old Nvidia Geoorce 1060 FTW Seagate 1GB harddrive EVGA 500W Power supply Fan coolers stock (not liquid coolers)...
  18. Hero9012

    Am I setting myself up for failure on multi-crew? Not a bash post!

    So. Like most, I think, Multi-crew is the biggest part of SC I'm looking forward too. Exploring an unknown expanding universe, encountering hardships, beauty, just creating stories to share with everyone. Well today I was watching Firefly and started thinking about SC. I thought about my...
  19. Hero9012

    2.6 Star Marine! Thoughts?

    I've been having a blast with it. I love it, I'm getting solid frame rates. It's amazing. The only complaints I have are grenades are inconsistent, which is fine it's alpha they'll figure it out, and I can't figure out how to heal and I keep bleeding out! I smash "H" but nothing happens! What...
  20. Hero9012

    Any idea when Multi crew will get more attention?

    I know that Multi Crew is limited in the PU at the time of this post. I was just thinking though, I haven't seen anything saying when Multi Crew will be focused on. I know that there are turrets but something I was looking forward too is being in my connie and communicating with my two co pilots...
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