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  1. CloudyDaze

    Don't click on this if you dislike flossin

    Yea Boi! Fighting the good fight. Guess this means I should start playing more often :P
  2. CloudyDaze

    Flight equipment advice

    I have just recently come out of hibernation and started playing SC vigorously and regularly. I am currently using dual T16000s and I am loving it. I decided to go ahead and pull the pin upgrading some of my gear. I am looking at getting just the right stick and I do want to get a set of...
  3. CloudyDaze

    Flight Simulation Chassis Help

    So I plan on picking up a flight simulation chassis but I have never been inclined to look at them before recently. I have seen some pretty nice setups of people using Volair, Playseat, and Obutto. I am in the $600-$1000 range and am really looking for ease of use and reliability/stability...
  4. CloudyDaze

    Official Commissioning of the UEE Polaris Physical Document - Free

    I am not a collector nor do I own the Polaris anymore, anyone interested in the booklet that came with the original can have it free just pay the shipping.
  5. CloudyDaze

    Where's the booze?

    I'll premise this by stating I found it funny I had an invite from TEST on RSI from back in 2014 so I guess this was just meant to be. I hail from Wilmington, NC in the US. I found myself becoming more and more enamored as time passes from the beginning to the current point of this games...
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