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  1. Chip Hazzard

    Happy Birthday Glorious Leader

    Happy Birthday!! :like: 🍻 🍻 🍺 :drunk:
  2. Chip Hazzard

    Merry Xmas 2020!

    Merry Christmas to all you fantastic bastards! May your beer be cold and Aurora's fly straight (into whatever inanimate object is closest to you) :glorious:
  3. Chip Hazzard

    Naming my ship

    This is potentially the best news I have heard all year!!! Also, BLOOBY BLOOBY BLOOBY!
  4. Chip Hazzard

    Naming my ship

    Holy shit! I completely forgot about that... Such a majestic song. :glorious:
  5. Chip Hazzard

    Naming my ship

  6. Chip Hazzard

    Amazing Star Citizen fan made Drake promo

    That is awesome! The Vulture, Corsair and Kraken look amazing in it! It must have taken him BLOODY AGES to make! Beers for him indeed! :o7: 🍻🍺🍻:drunk:
  7. Chip Hazzard

    Looking for a deep exploration/recon ship...

    The Corsair is what I'm waiting for. But in the interim, I have been using the Freelancer DUR. It took me a while to adjust to the cockpit view after flying a Cutlass Black, but I have come to really like it! For a solo explorer, it has some great pluses. Fuel refinery. Will be able to make...
  8. Chip Hazzard

    CIG hinting on stargate and pyro? or just part of the video?

    Poor little Hawk got smashed! He forgot his EMP... Would the EMP on the Hawk do anything to a MSR? Am looking forward to seeing the next part :like:
  9. Chip Hazzard

    Nomad Links

    It worked ok for me a couple of hours ago. Hopefully will come back for you soon man!
  10. Chip Hazzard

    Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950 Megathread - Its Done

    Lol! You are my new hero!!! I only bought 1... I must embrace my inner Owl to buy more!!! :o7: Be like Blind Owl. The Nomad Owl.
  11. Chip Hazzard

    get free Elite Dangerous

    If I didn't already have it, I would get it! Might get it anyway... Just because 😂
  12. Chip Hazzard

    Sub Flair for November is out.

    This now getting way too technical for my small fragile brain!
  13. Chip Hazzard

    IAE 2950 teasers

    I second this!! The Cutlass Blue has a Quantum Jump Inhibitor, so when you find your target, it stops it from jumping away, but you can't use it to pull ships out of Quantum like the QED. I would love one of those to be a dedicated BH ship, but I think that they are: refinery ship/MSR/turret...
  14. Chip Hazzard

    Attention Asteroid Miners...

    Is it mandatory to play Aerosmith while getting to it?
  15. Chip Hazzard

    Sub Flair for November is out.

    Gonna suck once you lose all the foam bullets behind panels, food stalls and everywhere else they vanish too tho!!
  16. Chip Hazzard

    IAE 2950 teasers

    You have to be subscribed to it (I wasn't for ages, until I found it). You just need to tick it in: Account -> Settings -> Overview 👍
  17. Chip Hazzard

    Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950 Megathread - Its Done

    Be afraid. Very very afraid!! 😂
  18. Chip Hazzard

    Star Citizen Mercury Star Runner Giveaway

    I did not know that! I don't think I have read the Hammerhead Q&A... might read that now! I wonder if the type/size of turret affects how many blades it needs? Or whether they have to have certain blades installed to run ship systems?
  19. Chip Hazzard

    Star Citizen Mercury Star Runner Giveaway

    From the Q&A I thought it said that some of those computers were specifically for data running, so not sure if you will be able to use them all for Blades. I could be wrong though (most likely am to be honest!).
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