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  1. JonSpencer

    Derail This Thread Thread

    RULES: (1) If someone posts a question, ignore it and discuss something else. (2) If you can't ignore it, only respond with an answer that is completely irrelevant to their question. (3) If someone makes a general statement, personal insults should be hurled, but no coherent arguments are to be...
  2. JonSpencer

    TEST Org - In games Roles and Ranks

    I noticed here in the forums, I am a Vice Admiral. I have been playing on and off since 2.9ish. Recently though, I noticed when I look at my status in the Org, I am still a cadet. Since roles and ranks are separate in SC Orgs, is there a reason why many of us are still cadets? Other games...
  3. JonSpencer

    T16000M Zaxis going out - advice on 'fix' (aka spend $$$s) Jan 2021

    Long time gamer (WoWp, Warthunder, Rebel Assault, etc) and when I got into Star Citizen 2.9ish, didn't realize I would be buying a new PC and controllers to boot! :) Currently, I have my i5, 16G Ram, upgraded recently to RX 580 from 1050ti and a dual thrustmaster setup with the right Z axis...
  4. JonSpencer

    Hello Testies!!!

    Hello all! Ty for accepting me to the squadron!
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