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  1. PeppaPigKilla

    Some info finally - Perseus warbind ship cheap pack and warbond...
  2. PeppaPigKilla

    Anyone a cheap way to ccu to the 600i from the nomad ?

    Currently i have a nomad with lti
  3. PeppaPigKilla

    Full Aegis packs in concierge

    Not seen this mentioned yet, ignore prices, inc vat for me <-- warbond <-- credit / non warbond
  4. PeppaPigKilla

    It sneaks up on you

  5. PeppaPigKilla

    Another EU Sell off

    Here are my buybacks I'm willing to let go of, there will be VAT as I am UK based and we get spanked. I'll go with the usual PayPal fees of whatever it says it is, I'm not doing to this make money, just to increase my concierge level European so this comes with VAT ( 20% ) Current listing...
  6. PeppaPigKilla

    Warthog profile

    Hello I recently bought the warthog HOTAS and have been having an absolute mare in trying to get it to work " right " in SC. Does anyone have a working profile or simple enough guide to follow on getting this working ? I dont care too much on mapping as i will just adapt to what does what...
  7. PeppaPigKilla

    I Call it The Titan

    I've always wanted to indulge a chunk into a pre-built system for a while now and at the beginning of lockdown I bought myself This system. CPU - Intel® Core™ i9 10 Core Processor i9-10900X Mobo - ASUS® ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME ENCORE Ram - 64GB Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 3200MHz GPU -...
  8. PeppaPigKilla

    Finally got myself a hawk, help me load it out

    After being nearly annihilated by a hawk within 15 seconds whilst in a Cat I've wanted one and now I do I've been told to put scatter guns on it but what else should i use?
  9. PeppaPigKilla

    Would melting benefit me

    Hello TESTies i have the escort pack and I’ve ccu all ships but the hammer head. My current fleet is AEGIS HAMMERHEAD Ship Aegis Dynamics (AEGS) VFG INDUSTRIAL HANGAR Hangar level PROSPECTOR Ship Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern (MISC) CONSTELLATION AQUILA Ship Roberts Space...
  10. PeppaPigKilla

    Repledged with an Aurora and offered LTI mantis

    Hello. We all know that Aurora owners could get LTI warbond mantis but I assumed this would be legacy owners so anyone prior to this announcement. I bought a warbond mantis separate anyways. I melted my original package which had the mustang and got the aurora pledge instead and now I’ve just...
  11. PeppaPigKilla

    Parasite helmet giving away - gone

    I’m not a fan of them and I won’t use them, kind of freak me out. So if anyone wants it let me know and I’ll gift it you. not sure if right forum but it’s sort of a trade except I just wan a high five back
  12. PeppaPigKilla

    Rainbow 6 Siege

    Any siege players on PC out there ? Would be great to get some games in with anyone else who plays it. I’m more a causal player but I play ranked too, I’m a laid back gamer on it. rank doesn’t matter it’s about having fun. let me know if you wanna squad up some time.
  13. PeppaPigKilla

    Buy back tokens

    Hello peeps Back with more questions. How do you get more buy backs? I used the one you get every quarter but how do you get more ? Can you get more or is it just 1 to use a quarter. I’m aware the quarter ones do not stack too. Thanks all
  14. PeppaPigKilla

    With 3.7 around the corner, what will be next for you ?

    Hello TESTies 3.7 is imminent now and I’m on the market to expand my fleet again ( waiting for the sale ) So my question is, now we know what’s in 3.7 what will be your main focus of this patch? What will be your main type of gameplay and what ship or ships will help you achieve this ? I’m...
  15. PeppaPigKilla

    Channged minigun to M7A on my warden and i'm regretting it

    After grinding to its 85k price I went and fit a M7A on my warden and its not good, it looks good but wow does it suck ( in my hands ) what should i replace it with. I'm barely hitting anything Didn't know it was fixed too :(
  16. PeppaPigKilla

    Whats the deal with prospector mining ?

    Been trying out my new prospector today and when i fracture a rock they all vanish, what's that all about? I've been finding right monsters with 10% gold etc, but they all vanish and I end up with titanium and aluminium
  17. PeppaPigKilla

    You can buy one of the showdown ships for a limited time Possible to buy one of the ships that isn't usually available. I'm after another ship and wondering what you would recommend? I have a cutty which I want to keep and will be getting a...
  18. PeppaPigKilla

    Question around ccu

    Hello The subscriber email yesterday mentions Taurus which prompted some people to buy the upgrade to Taurus for $10 Why would they do this ? Some bought several Just trying to get to grasps with all the terminology and reasoning behind some of the actions people take. I’m aware that it...
  19. PeppaPigKilla

    Discord bot isn't sending a dm

    Hello Testies (love that btw) The discord bot isnt sending any DMS to get a role, I briefly hung about in the new player help channel but I couldn't wait too long as I was with a friend in another discord and I didn't want to be rude and leave them waiting too long. So yeah, discord bot isnt...
  20. PeppaPigKilla

    Jargon buster

    I’m on mobile so the search function isn’t that glorious. Plus I’m using ios13 beta so that probably plays a part in it too. is there a list of terminology and it’s meaning ? Melting , what is it ? LTI I know what it means but how do you get it ? CCU. I’ve no idea what that is. Thanks peoples.
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