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  1. Radegast74

    What should this US Government Employee do, during the shut down?

    Woo-hoo? I guess? as you point out, now you get to work...still no pay...yeah, you'll get paid later, at some point, but, I'm sure you got bills to pay right now.
  2. Radegast74

    Crytek vs CIG lawsuit: Motion to dismiss granted!

    Interesting...this all seems pretty funny to me, it's like, "Oh yeah, you aren't dismissing our case...we are just choosing not to amend it at this time, and we reserve the right to amend it again at some future date..." But basically, they can't start all over again. They have to pick up where...
  3. Radegast74

    Bethesda banning players in Fallout 76 for accessing secret room

    Is your real name "Derek"?
  4. Radegast74

    Start popping the popcorn - John Wick 3

    I have no idea what is going on in the trailer, but it looks GREAT! View:
  5. Radegast74

    Have you cleaned your PC today?

    Wow, SC runs on a used furnace filter? Oh wait, there was a computer underneath all that dust! lol My first gaming laptop started developing weird graphics artifacts after almost a year...couldn't figure out what was going on. For some reason I decided to open up the bottom, and when I saw all...
  6. Radegast74

    Citizen 404, its almost spring time, STOP THE SNOW!

    Snow? I thought it was cover for the crypto mining malware he was running on all our PC's...
  7. Radegast74

    [Video] - Amazing Star Citizen performance art by Razorfist, a closer look

    That Yoko Ono performance...just...moved me to tears... I can honestly say, I've never heard anything like that before. Star Citizen being called a scam? I hear that *all* the time...train-wreck cult is a new one, I like it!
  8. Radegast74

    Programmers - Coding in C

    You know, that reminds me, the old Nevewinter Nights scripts were in C, iirc....
  9. Radegast74

    Acer gaming cockpit 2019

    If it were black & gold? It would be so outrageously hideous, it would be awe-inspiring! lol...
  10. Radegast74

    New AMD video card

    Happy there will be competition...just announced, looks like it will be close to an RTX 2080 in performance, and MSRP of $699...available February 7:
  11. Radegast74

    Programmers - Coding in C

    And can get it used on Amazon for cheap:
  12. Radegast74

    Map Rework

    You get used to it...what helped me a lot is that right-clicking twice will center it and zoom out so you can see the whole thing, then you can just zoom in using the scroll wheel or double click on stuff you want to look closer at.
  13. Radegast74

    High RAM Usage

    Usual & customary fee is 1 Aurora, correct?
  14. Radegast74

    Programmers - Coding in C

    You should check out the various online trainings, Coursera usually has free stuff but they often have start dates and don't make everything available all at once. Udemy is still running their New Year's sale, nothing is free, but a bunch of $10 classes...check out the reviews and what the...
  15. Radegast74

    MassivelyOP: Sorry, everyone, but I had fun in Star Citizen

    did you get the bridge with LTI? Mine has LTI :P
  16. Radegast74

    PC Games for 2019

    Honestly, from what we saw at the demo, I don't think Cyberpunk 2077 will run on current gen consoles, so I think CD Projekt Red will just keep polishing the game. Maybe 2020?
  17. Radegast74

    Jim Sterling's Top 10 Shittiest Games of 2018

    Good for a laugh. My god, I didn't realize how bad some games are...I'm glad he played them, and not me! View:
  18. Radegast74

    Crytek vs CIG lawsuit: Motion to dismiss granted!

    In a nutshell, Crytek still has one or two claims they could pursue (like the Bugsmashers code) that probably have little chance of succeeding...BUT...will take more legal back and forth, cost time and effort, and "little chance of succeeding" does not mean 0%. I'm predicting that both sides...
  19. Radegast74

    Angry Joe on Atlas

    To me, the most disturbing part of all this "merch" stuff is the level that Bethesda is willing to monetize game ideas, without understanding the level of devotion (fanaticism?) that a lot of gamers have for the game. It is almost like all the true gamers in the corporate structure have left...
  20. Radegast74

    Angry Joe on Atlas

    Since I haven't played a single second of Atlas, I feel as qualified as any YouTuber to give my opinion... It seems like people are saying the game is fun, as long as you aren't bothered by the fact that some/most/all the assets were originally supposed to be in Ark (which you may or may not...