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  1. Kiladyn

    well hello there

  2. Kiladyn

    Hi There!

  3. Kiladyn

    Starfarer Backdoor

  4. Kiladyn

    Xian Dildos

    Just imagine a few months from now, subscriber flair! Alien "parts" for your hanger!
  5. Kiladyn

    Best times for Ops?

    @Black Sunder Ya I do, I work 6am to 6pm sat and sun then 2pm to 10pm tues wed. I also have a wife and a 2 year old :P
  6. Kiladyn

    CIG official response to some old (and not so old) questions

    Its even nicer to buy them for others ;)
  7. Kiladyn

    hi there!

    Hello! So your your post it kinda seems like you only joined to buy ships. I would suggest looking at the prompt and talk about yourself some more!
  8. Kiladyn

    Looking to try out mining and borrow a Prospector

    by borrow them mean bring the beer. lol (Im in the same boat trying to find time to borrow and try one)
  9. Kiladyn

    Best times for Ops?

    I would love to try mining but I live in Texas (CST) and the ops you put up are normally 2 p.m. my time. I work at that time so I havent been able to try my hand at breaking rocks yet.
  10. Kiladyn

    Rock Report Revival - Coming Soon

    You had my curiosity but now you have my attention.
  11. Kiladyn

    Xian Dildos

    I... I... I think I need a drink.... *EDIT* To clarify I mean I need alcohol.
  12. Kiladyn

    Perma Death

    You should read the book Prison Planet by William C. Dietz
  13. Kiladyn

    A New member

  14. Kiladyn

    Weapon choices

    I could be mistaken but I'm pretty sure you can carry any weapon with any armor. Light provides 1 slot medium 2 and heavy 3
  15. Kiladyn

    Other Divisions of TEST Squadron

    Any new videos coming out soon?
  16. Kiladyn


    Welcome! All bow to Mal.
  17. Kiladyn

    Weapon choices

    I have tried most of the person weapons myself. I havent tried very many of the ship guns. I tend to lean towards ballistic rather than laser or plasma. I love the Karna but it kicks like a mule. What are your opinions of personal weapons? Ship guns? Missiles?
  18. Kiladyn

    For all you NFL fans, GO CHIEFS!!!!!

    For all you NFL fans, GO CHIEFS!!!!!
  19. Kiladyn

    Other Divisions of TEST Squadron

    OOOO can I ride a torpedo [email protected][email protected]?