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  1. SeungRyul streaming PC vs. real Desktop

    Actually toured Shadow's offices in San Francisco and met with their community manager while visiting for Twitchcon. Definitely very interesting technology. Maybe I will follow up with them and get some kind of exclusive deal for TEST members.
  2. SeungRyul

    Test Squadron snow on forms before Thanksgiving?

    Thankfully levels that deep only happen in the mountainous areas near the border and in January. I would have permanently moved out of the country if it happened this early.
  3. SeungRyul

    Test Squadron snow on forms before Thanksgiving?

    Meanwhile in S. Korea
  4. SeungRyul

    Greetings fellow citizens

    Welcoem to TEST!😄
  5. SeungRyul

    Post Your Citizencon 2018 Pictures Here!!

  6. SeungRyul

    Post Your Citizencon 2018 Pictures Here!!

    Lets try to collate all our Citizencon 2018 pictures into this thread!
  7. SeungRyul

    Update Crytech lawsuit from Youtuber Law.

    I do not have to remind you all that we don't tolerate threats of violence/life in TEST. Please keep things in check.
  8. SeungRyul

    Oculus Quest - new wireless 6DoF headset

    Super interested in picking these up
  9. SeungRyul

    [Poll] Arma 3 Server

    Server is back up today. Me and @Michael tested some missions out. We can do a public event soon to grab a lot of members at the same time.
  10. SeungRyul

    [Poll] Arma 3 Server

    We already have beta servers up and running. Need to decide how and when to launch them.
  11. SeungRyul


    Really depends on which ecosystem you are more invested in. Extremely difficult to migrate to other sides now.
  12. SeungRyul

    Been kicked from

    Closed >_<
  13. SeungRyul


    Apple's closed ecosystem != security.
  14. SeungRyul

    Does TEST log searches done on the forum?

    FBI OPEN UP View:
  15. SeungRyul


    We got emojis back. And they are faster too! 👌