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  1. IndigoSparkles

    Eradicator Throwing Shade at Montoya

    Apparently, The Eradicator doesn't approve of Glorious Leader getting hands on a Star Runner before him. Much, much shade. Now, I'm not the kind of person to start anything (giggle) but are we going to let this stand? View:
  2. IndigoSparkles

    I Made a Thing - A Song for Test Squadron - A Filk

    Disclaimer: This is a Filk. It's to the tune of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, though this version features six verses instead of the usual four, and the lyrics have been altered to tell a folk-style story about a mythical Test Squadron adventure. I created it for fun. It's by no means perfection...
  3. IndigoSparkles

    My Pic was Featured in This Week in Star Citizen !

    Alright, so maybe it is a bit uncouth to toot my own horn, but I'm really tickled that my pic was features in This Week in Star Citizen - They chose an image from an Alien ship set I submitted about a week ago...
  4. IndigoSparkles

    Long time member, First time poster

    While I've been a member of Test for a long time, I only relatively recently got a computer that could handle the game. As a result, I'm VERY late with my introduction. But, better late than never! I'm IndigoSparkles and hail from the magnificent Pacific NW in the good old US of A I got...
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